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Cyprus - Country Profile

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Status and Trends of Biodiversity


Located near three continents, this island is situated on one of the major bird migration routes. According the World Resources Institute, Cyprus possesses 1 682 species of higher plants, 83 species of birds, and 72 species of fish. In addition, 8.3% of the country is under protection. Loss of biodiversity constitutes a serious problem for the country because tourism is the main pillar of its economy. Conflicting and competitive demands for space and pressure on scarce land resources, are taking their toll on habitats and species

Implementation of the Convention

Measures Taken to Achieve the 2010 Target

Cyprus states that several national and international plans or programmes have integrated objectives related to the 2010 target, such as the National Forest Programme, the Rural Development scheme, and the EU Habitats and Birds Directives. The Natura 2000 Network comprises sites of interest in regard to marine and coastal biodiversity, dry and subhumid land biodiversity, forest biodiversity and mountain biodiversity. Conservation programs exist for such species as the endemic grass-snake, the monk seal, and species of marine turtle and dolphin. Other specific activities with respect to the 2010 target include an in-situ conservation programme for local cow and local sheep species.

Initiatives in Protected Areas

The Third National Report confirms that measures have been elaborated and activities have been undertaken regarding this issue. Several sites are included in the Natura 2000 Network and the list of Ramsar sites.

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