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GBO 4 - Production Plan

During its sixteenth meeting the SBSTTA took note of the production plan for the fourth edition of the global Biodiversity Outlook. The plan details the scope of the report, identifies the major sources of information, mechanisms for oversight, links to other processes, and provides elements of a communication and outreach strategy. It also identifies key dates in the production process as well as provides an indication of the resource requirements.

A draft communication strategy for GBO-4 has also been prepared. The plan contains goals for the publication, information on target audiences, a situational analysis, elements of messages, possible information products, consideration for language and regional summaries and proposed launch activities. 

The preparation of GBO-4 will be overseen by the SBSTTA Bureau which will be provided with regular progress reports. Further an advisory group is being established to provide relevant technical guidance.  As such the work plan, communication strategy and financial plan for the development of the fourth edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook will be kept under review in order to make adjustments as appropriate and necessary.