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GBO 4 - Technical guidance

In recommendation XVI/2  the SBSTTA requested the Executive Secretary to establish, at the earliest possible time, an advisory group for the fourth edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook. The Advisory Group is to  provide guidance on the preparation process of GBO-4 and to review and provide advice on data and methodology standards, development plans, outputs, quality assurance and the inclusion of case-studies. In this request the SBSTTA also noted that the advisory group should be established in accordance with the guidance on the composition of expert groups contained in the consolidated modus operandi of SBSTTA (decision VIII/10, annex III). To this end a notification  inviting Parties, relevant organizations and indigenous and local communities to nominate experts who could contribute to the work of the GBO-4 advisory group was issued. Based on the nominations received, and in consultation with the SBSTTA Bureau, the composition of the Advisory Group was formalized.

The GBO-4 Advisory Group will, within the general guidance provided through relevant decisions of the Conference of the Parties and recommendations by the Subsidiary Body and other Convention bodies as appropriate, advise the Secretariat on all aspects of the preparation of the publication and its related products. In particular the GBO-4 advisory group will seek to:

  • Ensure the scientific and technical soundness of the products;

  • Keep the work plan and communication strategy under review throughout the preparation process and recommend adjustments where necessary;

  • Review the annotated outline for GBO-4;

  • Draw attention to relevant data and material, case-studies and elements for the storyline;

  • Review chapter drafts, including draft graphics;

  • Provide oversight of the peer-review process;

  • Promote the appropriate style and presentation of the envisaged products in view of the target audiences;

  • Promote the participation of relevant partners and networks in the various stages of preparation of GBO-4;

  • Recommend possible partnerships, including where appropriate commercial partners, for the production and distribution of selected products.

The Advisory Group will mostly work through electronic means and telecommunication. However, depending on the availability of resources, it is envisaged that face-to-face meetings will be organized at key points in the preparation of GBO-4. Where possible, such meetings would take place on the margins of other meetings. The first face to face meeting of the Advisory Group will take place on the margins of the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Hyderabad, India.