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State of Knowledge Review on the Interlinkages between Biodiversity and Human Health

Peer Review of the State of Knowledge Review on the Interlinkages between Biodiversity and Human Health 

The draft chapters of thematic areas included in the State of Knowledge Review, which provide the scientific underpinnings for the volume, are now available for review.

NOTE: The deadline for the peer review period has been extended and will last until 22 September 2014.

The official notification for the peer review process is available here.

The full advance version of the publication will be launched in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, during the twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties, from 6-18 October 2014.

Reviewer Guidelines and the Peer Review template are available here.

TERMS OF USE: The draft documents are being made available for the purpose of peer review. Until the official publication, the data, material and messages contained in these drafts may not be republished, displayed, distributed, or transmitted in any manner, nor may the material, or portion thereof, be copied or posted on any other website or network or otherwise distributed, quoted or cited. By accessing these documents, you are agreeing with these terms.


Note: Documents are posted here as they become available. Please consult this page again later to access the remaining documents.

Part II (Thematic Chapters)

1. Water Quality

2. Air Quality

3. Agricultural Biodiversity and Food Security

4. Nutrition and Health

5. Infectious Diseases

6. Microbial Diversity

7. Biodiversity, Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

8. Traditional Medicine

9. Physical and Mental Health, and Cultural Ecosystem Services

PART III (Cross-cutting issues and Tools)

     Climate Change      

     Disaster Risk Reduction

     Bioindicators and Human Health (air quality)

     Human Health, Biodiversity and the Post-2015 Development Agenda (New!)

Reviewers encountering difficulty in accessing the documents can request that an electronic copy be sent to them directly by sending an email to: cristina.romanelli@cbd.int