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Relevant Websites and Other Resources

Biodiversity and Community Health Initiative (BaCH). Partnership launched at the CBD eleventh Conference of the Parties in October 2012 to develop and mainstream biodiversity and community health approaches.

Biodiversity and Human Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Centre for Health and the Global Environment. 

COHAB Initiative COP 10 Series of Policy Briefs. 2010. 
  1. The importance of biodiversity to human health.
  2. Human health and global ecosystem change.
  3. Health effects of climate change impacts on biodiversity.
  4. Linking health and biodiversity in policy and practice. 
Cities and Biodiversity Outlook - Unprecedented Opportunities Lie Ahead in Greening Urban Expansion
Blog by Dr. Thomas Elmqvist, of Stockholm University and the Stockholm Resilience Center, on the CBD assessment entitled "Cities and Biodiversity Outlook 1." 

Docs Talk - Blogs by medical professionals concerning the relationship between health and the environment on the David Suzuki Foundation website.

"Traditional and Wild" Toolbox - New toolkit on the sustainable harvesting and trade of wild plant resources, developed by TRAFFIC and WWF-Hungary.