URBIO - Urban Biodiversity & Design


URBIO is an open worldwide scientific network for education and research with the aim to promote urban biodiversity through a continuing dialogue with the CBD Global Partnership on “Cities and Biodiversity”. In order to foster the scientific exchange between researchers, practitioners and stakeholders the network is organizing international scientific conferences and workshops prior to the COP meetings (Conference of the parties to the CBD). It holds a website and distributes newsletters with information about CBD, the Global Partnership, the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook, oncoming conferences, new literature and more. At the moment the head office of URBIO is located at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt in Erfurt, Thuringia/Germany. The URBIO network is a non-profit scientific organisation, without own budget and currently funded by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

The third conference of URBIO "Urban Biodiversity and Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation" consisted of 22 scientific symposia and various excursions in Mumbai and its environs, during which more than 200 scientists and practitioners from over 25 countries discussed their latest research and future ideas, as well as best practice projects. Also during the conference the first chapters of the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook of the CBD have been presented. The results of the conference and the demands of scientists on more research were summarized in The Mumbai Declaration URBIO2012 and brought to the City Biodiversity Summit at COP11 by the conference organizers. You can download the Mumbai Declaration directly here , or through the URBIO network website

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