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Additional Information on Local Authorities and Biodiversity

Presentation by Colorado State University specialists on the contribution of local authorities to the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas, September 2010

In December 2009, at UNFCCC COP15 in Copenhagen: Press release by ICLEI on the "Biodiversity and Climate Change" panel and the presentation made by the CBD Secretariat at the panel.

ICLEI Council resolution on Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB) initiative, at ICLEI World Congress 2009: ICLEI adopted the Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB) Initiative as a global ICLEI Programme

The project "Nordic Nature – trends towards 2010" is to identify trends and status of the biological diversity in the Nordic countries towards 2010.


"Review and Bibliography on Cities and Biodiversity" : The updated version by Peter Werner and Rudolf Zahner

Promoting the Protection of Nature and Biodiversity in Urban Areas: European Capital of Nature and Biodiversity - Award for Cities and Municipalities in Europe 2009-2011, project summary prepared by Elisa Calcaterra, IUCN, Countdown 2010 Secretariat.

Launch of the Global Partnership on Cities and Biodiversity, IUCN World Conservation Congress, October 2008.

About the Convention: general information on biodiversity and the CBD

About the 2010 biodiversity target: general information

Message: from Executive Secretary, Ahmed Djoghlaf, on the occasion of World Habitat Day, Barcelona, 6 October 2008

Statement: by Executive Secretary, Ahmed Djoghlaf, on the occasion of the World Cities Summit, Singapore, 23-25 June 2008

Press release: Engaging Cities of the World in the Battle for Life on Earth, Montreal 25 June 2008.

Official documents of the meeting on "Cities and Biodiversity: Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target"

Press release: Urban Biodiversity and the Role of Cities in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use discussed at Bonn Biodiversity Conference, Bonn, 26 May

The Erfurt Declaration - Urbio 2008: This declaration was submitted during the International Conference of the COmpetence NeTwork URban ECcology (CONTUREC) “Urban biodiversity and design – Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity in towns & cities” 21. - 24. May 2008, Erfurt, Germany

Areas of Collaboration: ideas that emerged from the discussions in Working Groups during the meeting on "Cities and Biodiversity: Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity Target".

Curitiba Declaration (English, French and Spanish) on Cities and Biodiversity

Press release: Engaging the Cities of the World in the Battle for Life on Earth, 28 March 2007

Intervention du Docteur Ahmed Djoghlaf, Secrétaire exécutif de la Convention sur la diversité biologique, à la réunion du Groupe de travail sur l’environnement et le développement durable de la Conférence des élus de Montréal. Montréal, 28 août 2007.

Statement by Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the CBD, at the opening of the meeting on "Cities and biodiversity: Achieving the 2010 Biodiversity target", Curitiba, Brazil, 26 March 2007

Commitment letter from the Children of Curitiba adressed to the Mayor of Curitiba, the Executive Secretary of the CBD, and to all citizens of Curitiba, Brazil

Message of Dr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, on the Occasion of the World Habitat Day, 2 October 2006