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TEEB The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) is a study that has compiled a compelling economics case for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity
Why Are Subnational and Local Authorities Important?
Subnational and local authorities are administrative units of an area smaller than a state. These governments are considered guardians of natural resources because they set local environment and development policy, are responsible for land-use planning, and develop and manage infrastructure that depend on and/or impact biodiversity, such as water and waste management systems. More...
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Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Guidelines

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Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Guidelines

The Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan Guidelines: an aid to municipal planning and biodiversity conservation are intended to assist local governments in making a start with, or improvements to, their biodiversity planning processes.

Case Studies


City of Curitiba, Brazil

Case Study

The groundbreaking US$ 175 million “BioCity” program, launched by the City of Curitiba, constitutes a concrete example of urban planning that takes into consideration biodiversity-related issues.