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News Headlines

Education is key to climate adaptation

According to new research, education makes people less vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and storms that are expected to intensify with climate change.

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Awareness drive on marine bio-diversity

The conservation of marine diversity has a major role to play when it comes to ensuring livelihoods of coastal communities. In the wake of rising concerns, an awareness drive on marine eco systems was launched for students here on Saturday. Tree Foundation, a voluntary organisation, in associa ...

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Awareness on biodiversity in schools

PANAJI: Goa board of secondary and higher secondary education has affiliated with Goa state biodiversity board to create awareness on biodiversity amongst students and teachers of secondary and higher secondary schools.

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Competitions for students on biodiversity themes

District-level competitions in schools highlighting the importance of conservation of biodiversity will be conducted as part of the ‘‘Biodiversity Congress for Children’’ being organised by the Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) with the objective of creating conservation awareness among sch ...

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From tigers to toilets: the rise of corporate cause marketing in India

Social and environmental awareness among Indian consumers has led to more cause marketing, but are companies ignoring one of the most pressing social issues - poverty?

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Farmers use social media to stop food waste

After seeing stocks of unsold food, a farm manager in Northern California has started a social media venture that connects farmers with local consumers to stop food waste.

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Rwanda: Activists Take Environment Awareness Drive to Schools

More than 300 secondary school students in Rwanda were trained in environment protection and sustainable development during the previous term.

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For first time, Canadians join program that educates teachers on climate change

For the first time, Canadians are joining a program of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions created for teachers to collect stories, data and photographs that will help their students learn about climate change and the environment.

News Headlines

South Africa Aims to Draw Youth Into Agriculture

The government will be working to strengthen the country's agricultural training institutions over the next five years in order to attract more young South Africans into the sector, says Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana

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Climate change beats biodiversity as a press, scientific, and funding priority

As climate change has become a more prominent public concern, some scientists have worried that it might distract attention from related environmental problems, such as the global loss of biodiversity.

News Headlines

Is science journalism ignoring censorship?

World Press Freedom Day was observed on 3 May as usual this year. It marks one of the handful of moral absolutes in our civilisation: the desire for journalists to hold the powerful to account and document current events. But it also presents an opportunity for media professionals to reflect on ...

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The case for a global fund for science education

In today’s global economy, a workforce trained in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is recognised as a primary driver of growth.

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Gambia: Media Practitioners Exposed to Environmental Protection

No fewer than 30 media practitioners mainly editors, web-designers, radio presenters and online reporters from the print and electronic media recently held a daylong capacity enhancement on environmental reporting, at the Wellingara Horticulture Model Centre.

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New atlas helps protect the soils of Latin America and the Caribbean

The European Commission's in-house science service today publishes the first ever comprehensive overview of the soils of Latin America and the Caribbean.

News Headlines

Citizen science charts horse chestnut tree pest spread

A citizen science study, involving more than 3,500 people, has revealed the spread and establishment of the horse chestnut leaf-miner in the UK.

News Headlines

Climate change in school curriculum

Climate change, regarded as one of the biggest challenges of the day, is an issue of everyone’s concern — be it an environmentalist, student or any other.

News Headlines

Biodiversity? 70% have no idea what this word means

A staggering 70% of Maltese have never heard of the term biodiversity, making the Maltese the least knowledgeable on the subject among 27 nations surveyed by the EU's statistical arm Eurostat's continental survey Eurobarometer.

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How teachers in Africa are failed by mobile learnin

You've no doubt heard of the mobile phone revolution sweeping Sub-Saharan Africa — perhaps mobile money transfer, or mHealth. The hope is that mobile technologies will transform lives by improving health, education, finance and women's position in society.

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Art, education, and health: holistic conservation group embarks on new chapter

It's unlikely conservation organizations can survive if they are unwilling to embrace change: as an endeavor, conservation requires not just longterm planning, but also an ability to move proactively and fluidly to protect species and safeguard ecosystems.

News Headlines

Just one in five children are 'connected to nature' says study

Large numbers of children in Britain are missing out on the natural world, a study from the RSPB suggests.

News Headlines

U.S. Science Reporters Becoming an Endangered Species

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, Oct 15 2013 (IPS) - The news for environmental journalism in the United States is grim and getting grimmer.

News Headlines

How to Tell the Biggest Stories of Our Times

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee, U.S., Oct 5 2013 (IPS) - What does gorilla conservation have in common with the provision of contraceptives to women? How does rural-urban migration contribute to global warming? What does city planning in Kenya have to do with coastal erosion in the Philippines?

News Headlines

BBC coverage of IPCC climate report criticised for sceptics' airtime

The BBC has been criticised for its coverage of the most comprehensive scientific study on global warming yet published. Prominent climate experts have accused the corporation of bias towards "climate sceptics" at the expense of mainstream scientists.

News Headlines

Sustainability education picks up in Germany

In Germany, schools in different states are slowly starting to incorporate the subject of sustainability into their syllabus. But, there are problems in standardizing common goals.

News Headlines

Making Animals Human-Like Is A Key Tool For Conservation

Making animals more relatable to humans could be a key move in conservation projects, according to research by conservationists at several universities.

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'Street-view' comes to the world's coral reefs

Scientists are taking the public with them to study the world's coral reefs, thanks to 360 degree panoramas from Google's underwater street-view format. Results from this pioneering project – which will allow ecologists to harness people power to discover how coral reefs are responding to climat ...

News Headlines

UBC has a whale of an exhibit

There are grand, formidable creatures in this world, but the skeleton in the main atrium of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum is a sight to behold.

News Headlines

Cool Globes’ presents real world ideas

Huge, colorful orbs line up in a row down the Tremont Street side of Boston Common. It looks like a giant might be marshalling his marbles. Get up close, and you’ll see that the spheres, each 5 feet in diameter, are globes, fancifully decorated and proffering solutions to climate change.

News Headlines

Science express biodiversity special train to reach Kozhikode on Aug 24

Science Express, an innovative mobile exhibition mounted on a specially designed 16 coach AC train, travelling over 96,000 km across India since October 2007, will reach Kozhikode Station on August 24.

News Headlines

Environmental group launches $2 million ad campaign on climate change

The League of Conservation Voters launched a nearly $2 million TV ad campaign on climate change Monday aimed at three House Republicans and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

News Headlines

Biodiversity special visits Tiruchi

Science Express-Biodiversity Special (SEBS), an innovative mobile exhibition on a specially designed 16-coach train that aims to create awareness on India’s biodiversity, opened to visitors here on Sunday.

News Headlines

Hidden wonders

In a quest to watch big mammals, we miss out on a lot of nature’s other star performers

News Headlines

Young Thai Wins UNEPs Global Art and Environment Competition

Nairobi, 30 July 2013 -13-year-old Chiratchaya Kaeokamkong's painting of a child playing with fish, turtles and unicorns in a world awash with water and vegetation has won firstplace in the 22nd International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment, run by the United Nations Environme ...

News Headlines

Students to get closer to nature by visiting biodiversity-rich spots

MoEF initiative soon to promote environmental awareness through field trips. The Ministry of Environment and Forests will soon come out with a programme to make nature camps a part of the school experience to raise environmental awareness among children, Jayanthi Natarajan, Union Minister of Sta ...

News Headlines

Government projects cost of two new universities

South Africa - The government expects the capital and operating costs of two new universities to be built in Mpumalanga and the Northern Cape to run to R17bn over the next 10 years. The University of Mpumalanga will specialise in agriculture and biodiversity, linking with food security, natural ...

News Headlines

University of Bradford ranked in top 10 on green index

A pioneering programme of environmental initiatives has seen the University of Bradford ranked in the top ten of green universities.

News Headlines

Students Take Action to Restore Biodiversity and Revitalize a Community

In a struggling neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin, a charter school focused on environmental education has become a wellspring of community revitalization—thanks in large part, to the students themselves.

News Headlines

School lands bio gong

BELSAY First School has proved the best at biodiversity in the Love Northumberland Awards.

News Headlines

Green School Programme launched to spread awareness among children

Environmental issues, waste management, transportation, civic issues. How many children today are aware of these? Confined within the strict schedules of classes, structured activities and tuitions, children today are far away from these realities that affect their day-to-day life. To address th ...

News Headlines

Making movies to save Uganda's great apes

A new series of films aims to protect Uganda's great ape species (mountain gorillas and chimpanzees) by bringing entertaining and educational movies to a rural audience living on the edges of Kibale National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

News Headlines

Namibia: Environmental Education for Namibian Youth

The lack of appreciation for the environment and limited career opportunities for Namibian youth prompted a group of nature conservationists from the National Museum to establish a mobile classroom focusing on environmental education in the country.

News Headlines

Building a new generation of local conservationists: how improving education in Uganda may save one of the world's great forests

Conservation work is often focused on the short-term: protecting a forest from an immediate threat, saving a species from pending extinction, or a restoring an ecosystem following degradation.

News Headlines

Morocco: Princess Lalla Hasnaa Presides in Marrakech Over Signing of Three Partnership Agreements On Environmental Education

Marrakech — HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, presided, Monday morning in Marrakech, over the signing of three partnership agreements in the field of environmental education.

News Headlines

MGU embarks on a biodiversity project

For the first time in India, a university has embarked upon an ambitious three-phase biodiversity project. Titled ‘Haritha Nikunjam’ (abode of greenness), the project undertaken by the Mahatma Gandhi University is intended at broadening the biodiversity base of the campus.

News Headlines

Kenya: Climate Watch Adopt a Forest Today

There have been efforts to meet the 10 per cent tree cover in Kenya by 2030 but according to an expert, the survival rate of trees planted in the country is less than 20 per cent because there is no 'after planting care'.

News Headlines

Reinforcement of scientific training on biodiversity defended

Lubango – The need for reinforcement of advanced training and scientific upgrading of the personnel responsible for running the natural resources in Angola was defended Monday in Lubango, southern Huila province.

News Headlines

Namibia: Biodiversity in Action

Last week, Namibia was one of two countries that celebrated Biodiversity Action Day. This year, the celebrations which included tours in the Namib Desert, were held at the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre situated in the Namib Naukluft Park. The theme for this year's National Biodiversity Ac ...

News Headlines

New app teaches Costa Rican biodiversity

Interested in Costa Rican biodiversity? A new app claims to be the easiest way to find out about Costa Rican species.

News Headlines

British school takes lecture classes to new depths -- 60 feet down

ESSEX, England, May 20 (UPI) -- Britain's University of Exeter says it has taken its marine biology lecture classes to a new level -- 60 feet beneath the sea off Indonesia, to be exact.

News Headlines

Dinja Wahda Rangers awarded for promoting biodiversity

This morning, 30 students from Saint Theresa College Girls’ Secondary, Mriehel, received awards in recognition of their contribution to biodiversity protection in the Maltese Islands.

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