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News Headlines

Putting money where the green is

PLACING economic value on environmental services might be politically incorrect for some environmentalists. That's like "commodifying" natural resources, as Bolivian President Evo Morales warned.

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How do we redesign a new economic theory framed by ecological systems?

Economics as we know it today is broken. Unable to explain, to predict or to protect, it is need of root-and-branch replacement. Or, to borrow from Alan Greenspan, it is fundamentally "flawed".

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We must put a price on nature if we are going to save it

Campaigning against economic valuations could inadvertently strengthen the hand of those who believe nature has little or no worth

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Seven nations face sanctions over endangered species

Cites delegates agree to penalise countries for lacking tough regulations or failing to report on their wildlife trade

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'Sustainable' Seafood Labels Come Under Fire

A new study states that nearly a third of the fish stocks certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council were actually overfished

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Brazil cracks down on lucrative wild animal trade

RIO DE JANEIRO — Blue-and-yellow macaws from Amazonia, green parrots, monkeys, turtles, anacondas and pumas: wild animal trafficking is a very lucrative business that spares no species in Brazil, including those facing extinction.

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Fears research monkeys are illegally taken from wild

AUSTRALIA'S importation of primates for research has sparked an investigation into allegations that the little-known trade breaches international agreements on animal welfare.

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Chinese Feed Illegal Ivory Trade

CAIRO, Feb 4, 2012 (IPS) - The illegal trade in ivory continues in Egypt, with ivory products sold openly in local tourist markets by traders who operate with impunity, a new study by the conservation group Traffic has found.

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25 years for rhino poachers

Three rhino poachers have been sentenced to 25 years each by the Phalaborwa Regional Court, with SA National Parks saying this was an indication SA was taking more stringent measures to clamp down on the scourge.

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Three New Standards Aim to Promote Biodiversity Conservation

30 January 2012 | Biodiversity is notoriously difficult to measure, which makes it difficult to conserve. Three complementary standards aim to change that by providing guidance for practices from offsetting to sustainable land use to managing protected areas and their surroundings.

News Headlines

Sharp rise in sustainable seafood products on sale in UK

The number of fish and seafood products on offer certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council up 41% to 988

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U.S. group wants trade ban on Canada for polar bear hunt

A U.S. conservation group is calling for trade sanctions against Canada because of an increased polar bear hunt quota in the Western Hudson Bay region.

News Headlines

Corporate monopolies 'may dominate green economy'

[NEW DELHI] The global push towards a 'green economy' risks being hijacked by large corporate monopolies trying to gain control over natural resources, a report has warned.

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EU warns wasting environmental resources could spark new recession

The overuse and waste of valuable natural resources is threatening to produce a fresh economic crisis, the European Union's environment chief has warned.

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Elephant poaching: 'Record year' for ivory seizures

More elephant tusks were seized in 2011 than in any year since 1989, when the ivory trade was banned, international wildlife trade group Traffic says.

News Headlines

Most eco-labeled seafood offers little environmental benefit, UVic study finds

The majority of eco-labels awarded to farmed fish fail to deliver the promised environmental benefit, according to a study released by researchers at the University of Victoria.

News Headlines

WWF calls for forest bond market to finance conservation

market in ‘forest bonds’ could offer a vital means of raising the finance necessary to protect the world’s tropical forests, WWF says in a report published today.

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Hong Kong seizes nearly 800 smuggled elephant tusks

HONG KONG — Hong Kong has seized nearly two tonnes of elephant ivory worth about $1.7 million hidden in a shipment from Malaysia and detained a local man over the haul, customs authorities said Wednesday.

News Headlines

'Green Economy' Not a Panacea

GUATEMALA CITY, Aug 25, 2011 (IPS) - The "green economy" will not solve the problems of poverty and natural disasters in Central America as long as the development model continues to be based on over-consumption and over-production, regional experts say.

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Madagascar may authorize exports of illegally-logged rosewood

A meeting scheduled for August 25th between rosewood traders, the Ministry of Forest and Environment, and other government officials may determine the fate of tens of millions of dollars' worth of rosewood illegally logged from Madagascar's rainforests parks.

News Headlines

India announces environment regulator

India will set up an environment regulator to bring in a "complete change" in the process of granting clearances for industries. PM Manmohan Singh said the regulator would also ensure the compliance of "green norms" by industry.

News Headlines

Indian co gets the FT ArcelorMittal Environment Award for 2011

LONDON: Mumbai-based Jain Irrigation Systems that specialises in drip irrigation technology has won the FT (Financial Times) ArcelorMittal Environment Award for 2011 for its contribution to the agriculture sector in India.

News Headlines

Biodiversity loss seen as greater financial risk than terrorism, says UN

Loss of ecosystems perceived by banks and insurance companies to be a greater economic risk than terrorism, finds UN report.

News Headlines

World Bank launches scheme to green government accounts

NAGOYA, Japan (Reuters) - The World Bank on Thursday launched a program to help nations put a value on nature just like GDP in a bid to stop the destruction of forests, wetlands and reefs that underpin businesses and economies.

News Headlines

La biodiversité, c'est payant!

Au lieu d'exploiter à outrance les ressources de la planète comme il le fait actuellement, au nom de la croissance, l'être humain devrait plutôt prendre en compte la valeur des écosystèmes et les services rendus par la nature dans le processus de prises de décisions économiques.

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UN: Annual cost of environmental damage tops $6.6tn

Global environmental damage resulting from human activity resulted in an economic cost of $6.6tn (£4.2tn) during 2008, equivalent to 11 per cent of global GDP, and is set to cost $28tn a year by 2050.

News Headlines

Putting a price on biodiversity - what are species worth?

At the UN's COP10 biodiversity meeting in Nagoya next month, officials might look to remind the world why species matter to humans: for oxygen, drugs, making agricultural crops more productive - and a sense of wonder.

News Headlines

Conserving nature with economics

While many factors come into consideration when the fate of forests are being determined, economics often play a key role in land use decisions. When the perceived value of forest land is higher as cattle pasture, cropland, or plantation, then trees fall.

News Headlines

Could industrial interests ruin payments for environmental services?

One of the biggest ideas in the conservation world over the past decade is Payments for Environmental Services, known as PES, whereby governments, corporations, or the public pays for the environmental services that benefit them (and to date have been free), i.e. carbon, biodiversity, freshwater ...

News Headlines

Protecting our natural world has economic benefits

Protecting our natural world has solid economic benefits - it creates thousands of jobs and generates billions of pounds.

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