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News Headlines

Tasmania hopes foreign zoo breeding program will help save devils

The state has launched a pilot program to send Tasmanian devils to zoos in New Zealand and the US

News Headlines

Zoo seeks mate for last surviving 'gorgeously ugly' fish

London Zoo is appealing to fish keepers to try to find a mate for a critically endangered, tropical species.

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Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary: Ready for lions

“Dilli ke Patrakar” (journalist from Delhi). In spite of staying with the Saharia community in a hut (locally known as pataur) for over a year, extending support and help in the relocation and rehabilitation of villagers from within the Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary and of my subsequent, more than 10- ...

News Headlines

Sanctuary saves anteaters maimed by poachers

The pangolin is under threat of being hunted to extinction by poachers in Southeast Asia's illegal wildlife trade, who hunt it for its meat and its scales. A new center in Cambodia is doing all it can to save the animal.

News Headlines

Edinburgh Zoo benefits from 'panda effect'

Edinburgh Zoo says the arrival of two giant pandas a year ago has boosted its ticket sales by about 50%.

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China opens new panda breeding facility

DALIAN, China, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- A panda house opening at a zoo in northeast China's Liaoning Province is the region's first center for panda breeding and exhibition, officials said.

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Kashmir to raise endangered Hangul in captive breeding center

Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to raise Hangul, an endangered species of red deer found only in Kashmir, in a captive breeding centre for reversing the population decline of the animal.

News Headlines

Zoos - species protection or animal abuse?

More than 100 species of animals become extinct in the wild every day. Humans destroy their habitats, or hunt them down to the last specimen. Can zoos help protect these animals from total annihilation?

News Headlines

Captive breeding last hope for Tassie devil

The Tasmanian devil, the world's largest remaining marsupial carnivore, faces extinction in the wild.

News Headlines

Zebra virus kills polar bear in German zoo

Zoos should be on the alert for viruses that can jump from one animal to another, threatening endangered species, say researchers.

News Headlines

Ten most endangered species list highlights importance of zoos 'working to save' animals from extinction

A zoo organisation has compiled a list of the world's ten most endangered species that would not be surviving without the help of conservation.

News Headlines

Frogs rescued from killer fungus have 'massive' brood

Rare tropical frogs rescued from a killer fungus in the Caribbean have produced a bumper brood in the UK.

News Headlines

Endangered eagle hatched in Philippines

DAVAO CITY, Philippines, April 19 (UPI) -- A Pinsker's Hawk-Eagle chick hatched at a wildlife center in the Philippines is the first example of the species to be born in captivity, conservationists say.

News Headlines

Planting hopes to save chestnut trees

NEW YORK, Calif., April 16 (UPI) -- The once-ubiquitous American chestnut tree, virtually wiped out by a fungus, will return to New York in an effort to re-establish the species, scientists said.

News Headlines

Zoo diets may be harming rhinos

SAN DIEGO, March 21 (UPI) -- Southern white rhinoceros populations in zoos have been showing severely reduced reproductivity and it may be down to their diet, U.S. researchers say.

News Headlines

World's First Captive Breeding of Ozark Hellbenders

ScienceDaily (Dec. 1, 2011) — Ozark hellbenders have been bred in captivity -- a first for either of the two subspecies of hellbender. The decade-long collaboration of the Saint Louis Zoo's Ron Goellner Center for Hellbender Conservation and the Missouri Department of Conservation has yielded 63 ...

News Headlines

Piece of Great Barrier Reef put on ice in frozen zoo

Frozen sperm and IVF embryonic cells from two species of coral that spawned in Queensland this month have been brought to NSW in an ambitious project to protect corals - that are threatened by pollution, warm water, and ocean acidification - from extinction.

News Headlines

Zoos help restore nearly extinct ferret in US West

WASHINGTON -- Animal keepers at the National Zoo's conservation center in Virginia sent 26 black-footed ferrets to "boot camp" Wednesday to prepare the critters for life in the wild as part of an ongoing effort that has fueled the recovery of a species once declared extinct.

News Headlines

Rare Siamese Crocodiles Hatched in Lao PDR

ScienceDaily (Aug. 30, 2011) — Working with the government of Lao PDR, the Wildlife Conservation Society has helped to successfully hatch a clutch of 20 Siamese crocodiles, a species threatened across its range by hunting, habitat fragmentation and loss, and other factors.

News Headlines

All-white kiwi is a sign of hope for an endangered species in the land of the All Blacks

THE birth of a rare white kiwi has capped the most successful breeding season since efforts to save the endangered New Zealand bird began at a North Island sanctuary, wildlife authorities say.

News Headlines

Birth of endangered monkey hailed

A critically-endangered baby black lion tamarin is the first to have been bred outside Brazil for eight years - after being delivered by Caesarean section.

News Headlines

Tokyo says goodbye to Molly

Molly, the world's oldest captive orang-utan, died yesterday at the age of 59 at Tokyo's Tama Zoological Park.

News Headlines

Saving the missing Iberian lynx

Ten years ago, there were barely 100 Iberian lynx left. But an innovative Spanish conservation programme is rescuing them from the edge of extinction

News Headlines

Endangered species: Cull to be kind?

When breeding programs are successful, endangered species are saved from extinction. But if too many animals are born, zoos have to take drastic steps

News Headlines

Rare Sumatran tiger gives birth to three cubs

JAKARTA — A rare Sumatran tiger has given birth to three cubs at an Indonesian zoo in a welcome boost for the endangered species, an official said Thursday.

News Headlines

Ugly Animals Need Love Too

Zoos can help save species, but are they only saving the ones we like?

News Headlines

El panda se recupera en China

Lograr que los osos panda se reproduzcan no es una tarea sencilla. Sin embargo, tras muchos años intentándolo, investigadores chinos han logrado perfeccionar la técnica y acaban de anunciar que ya han conseguido que 300 ejemplares nazcan en cautividad.

News Headlines

Viagra and porn used to tempt pandas to breed

A conservation project in China has produced 136 panda cubs, with the help of some imaginative but controversial techniques.

News Headlines

Giant panda breeding breakthrough in China

A critical breakthrough has been made in efforts to save the giant panda, one that could kick-start attempts to reintroduce the animals to the wild.

News Headlines

Six Critically Endangered Birds Hatch At Queens Zoo

The Queens Zoo is proud to announce the hatching of six critically endangered thick-billed parrots this past week

News Headlines

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research is the First to Breed the Mountain Yellow-legged Frog

SanDiego, CA - Endangered tadpoles were released into a stream near Idyllwild, Calif., today (Nov. 23, 2010) with hopes that the Southern California population of the mountain yellow-legged frog Rana muscosa will thrive again.

News Headlines

National Zoo and partners first to breed critically endangered tree frog

As frogs around the world continue to disappear—many killed by a rapidly spreading disease called chytridiomycosis, which attacks the skin cells of amphibians—one critically endangered species has received an encouraging boost.

News Headlines

Edinburgh zoo serves sustainable fish to sea lions and penguins

Sea lions and penguins at Edinburgh zoo are changing diet to help save threatened fish stocks, even if adapting a Rick Stein seafood recipe may remain beyond them.

News Headlines

A rare breed: The South African safari park leading the way in saving the beautiful white lion from extinction

They are some of the most endangered species in the world but one unique conservation project is taking giant strides in saving the mysterious white lion

News Headlines

Zoos urged to educate more to slow extinctions

OSLO (Reuters) - Zoos and aquariums should do more to educate visitors about ways to slow extinctions and build on successes in breeding rare species from monkeys to toads, the head of the world's zookeepers said on Monday.

News Headlines

Response: Landowners play a crucial role in wildlife conservation

Farmers and foresters must be allowed to continue their land management methods.

News Headlines

Predatory Cats Return to the Harz Mountains

For the past decade, conservationists have been releasing zoo-bred Eurasian lynx in Germany's Harz mountains, with the goal of returning them to their natural habitat.

News Headlines

Threatened Kihansi toads get new lease of life from project

Ten years ago 500 rare Kihansi spray toads (KST) were translocated from their natural habitat in the Lower Kihansi Gorge in Iringa region, 450 kilometres southwest of Dar es Salaam, to the United States with the hope of propagating stable colonies.

News Headlines

Price set for tiger conservation

The cost of keeping tigers alive in the wild is about $80m (£50m) per year, a new assessment concludes - but only about $50m (£30m) is being pledged.

News Headlines

San Diego Zoo sending panda sisters to China as part of effort to save the endangered animals

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Zoo will send two giant panda sisters to a reserve in China to help in the effort to save the critically endangered species

News Headlines

Endangered "onager" foals bred in captivity

A pair of endangered Persian onager foals born this summer, represent fertility firsts, report zoologists

News Headlines

Jairam Ramesh expresses concern over mortality rate of animals in zoos

New Delhi, Aug 2 (ANI): Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh on Monday said the mortality rate of animals in the zoos is a cause of concern, but not alarming.

News Headlines

New Life for Vanishing Species

For more than a century, the National Zoo in Washington has attracted visitors wanting to learn more about animals.

News Headlines

The Green Connection In Preserving Biodiversity

KOTA KINABALU, July 16 (Bernama) -- What used to be a vacant swamp area five years ago is now the home to over 1,200 native species of Borneo's vast biodiversity, from sharks and stingrays to non-poisonous snakes and frogs.

News Headlines

New elephant in the room

You can’t ignore this elephant in the room because he is so cute. Jake, a healthy Asian elephant, was the first in Canada to be born by artificial insemination at the African Lion Safari.

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