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News Headlines

Animal Attraction: New York Ends Shark Fin Trade

Fourteen major animal welfare, environmental and conservation organizations are applauding Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing into law A.1769b/S.1711b to end New York’s contribution to the dire collapse of shark populations worldwide. Taking effect on July 1, 2014, the law passed the state legislatur ...

News Headlines

Fisheries Commission Ignores Advice for Ending Overfishing

A five-day meeting on fisheries ended last week (6 December) amid complaints that big fishing nations have blocked efforts to curb tuna overfishing and ignored scientific advice.

News Headlines

Nine priorities for a ‘greener’ Europe by 2020

“Finally!” - member states and the European Parliament will say when the Commission adopts, on 28 November, a proposal to guide EU environmental policy up to 2020.

News Headlines

Australia outlaws illegally-logged wood from abroad

In another blow to illegal loggers, Australia has passed the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill, joining the U.S. in outlawing the importation of illegal logged timber from abroad. The new legislation makes it a criminal offense for Australian businesses to import timber from illegal operations.

News Headlines

Brazil's Rousseff enacts forest law in blow to farm lobby

Brazil enacted a controversial law on Thursday meant to protect forests and force farmers to replant trees on scattered swathes of illegally cleared land totaling an area roughly the size of Italy.

News Headlines

Brazil forms special environmental security force to combat spike in deforestation

Brazil will set up a special environmental security force in an effort to stem rising deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, reports AFP. Read more at http://news.mongabay.com/2012/1011-brazil-environmental-security-force.html#ZdYiRbBRGXXbSR4R.99

News Headlines

Draft law stresses govt role in environmental protection

Officials will be subject to administrative punishment if they fabricate environmental statistics or refuse to release information that should be made public, according to a draft amendment of the Environmental Protection Law.

News Headlines

Countries adopt Manila declaration to strengthen protection of global marine environment

Representatives from 65 countries have agreed to step up efforts to protect the world’s oceans from land-based activities, while underlining the central role played by the marine environment in a transition to a low carbon, resource-efficient green economy.

News Headlines

India opposes UN panel’s ‘back door’ for green caps

NEW DELHI: A high-profile panel of the United Nation Secretary General (UNSG) on Global Sustainability has recommended that the world adopt sustainable development targets. The move has been opposed by India and several other developing countries as…

News Headlines

California city bans bullfrogs to safeguard native species

Santa Cruz, California has become the first city in the U.S. to ban the importation, sale, release, and possession of the American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana).

News Headlines

Biodiversity: Poland referred to court

The European Commission decided, on 26 January, to refer Poland to the EU Court of Justice for failing to fulfil its obligations to protect biodiversity and conserve "old" vegetable seed varieties.

News Headlines

Biodiversity Authority, KLDB question Kudumbasree move for export of Malabari goats

A proposal mooted by the Kudumbasree Mission to ship 300 live goats of a native breed to Australia has run into rough weather, with the National Biodiversity Authority calling for a report from the Kerala State Biodiversity Board and an NGO voicing concern over the violation of the biodiversity ...

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