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News Headlines

Brazilian zoologists discovered the first obligate cave-dwelling flatworm in South America

Typical cave-dwelling organisms, unpigmented and eyeless, were discovered in a karst area located in northeastern Brazil.

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Four New Species Discovered in India, in Five Years

Hyderabad, a city known more today for its Silicon Valley connection has revealed its nature connection too with researchers discovering not one but four new species in the city in the past five years. This includes two spider species, a plant species, a lizard and even the re-discovery of a sna ...

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New Deep-Sea Animal Species Look Like Mushrooms but Defy Classification

A handful of strange mushroom-shaped animals discovered in the deep sea off Australia in the 1980s have finally been named by scientists. The organisms are so unique that they may rearrange the earliest branches of the animal family tree.

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Scientists name new endangered species after the company that will decide its fate

Scientists have discovered a new snail species on a limestone hill near a cement quarry in Malaysia, which as far as they know lives nowhere else in the world. The animal's shell is only one tenth of an inch in size.

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Have scientists discovered a new primate in the Philippines?

Despite some media reports, scientists have not yet discovered a new species of big-eyed, nocturnal primate—known as tarsiers—in the Philippines. Instead what they have discovered is an intriguing population that is genetically-distinct even from nearby relatives, according to a new open-access ...

News Headlines

New skeleton frog from Madagascar is already Critically Endangered

Sometimes all it takes is fewer clicks. Scientists have discovered a new species of frog from Madagascar that stuck out in part because it "clicked" less during calls than similar species. Unfortunately the scientists believe the new species—dubbed the Ankarafa skeleton frog (Boophis ankarafensi ...

News Headlines

13 newly-discovered birds declared extinct

In a recent update of the IUCN Red List, scientists have identified 13 new bird species that have gone extinct since 1500. In total the list now finds that at least 140 bird species gone extinct in the past five hundred years, representing 1.3 percent of the world's total known birds.

News Headlines

New to nature: No 130 Anniella grinnelli

A legless lizard in California is the latest example of a 'cryptic species'

News Headlines

Google Earth spurs discovery of a 'new' chameleon species

Google Earth has spurred the discovery of another new species. In this case, the creature is a pygmy chameleon, one of four previously unknown Rhampholeon chameleon species described from the remote ‘sky islands’ in Mozambique. The Mount Mabu pygmy chameleon (Rhampholeon maspictus) was discover ...

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New jellyfish discovered: giant venomous species found off Australia

A giant and extremely venomous jellyfish found off Western Australia’s north-west coast has researchers stumped because it appears to have no tentacles.

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Yellow spots, red stripes: vivid new frog species discovered in Malaysia

Scientists have identified a new species of frog on the Malay Peninsula. The newly named Hylorana centropeninsularis was discovered in a peat swamp and genetic analyses revealed that it is evolutionarily distinct from its stream-dwelling cousins.

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Scientists catalog the world's 10,000th reptile

As of this year, scientists have named and described over 10,000 reptiles, marking a new milestone in cataloging one of the most diverse vertebrate groups. Last week, the Reptile Database, an online catalog of all the world's living reptiles, announced it had passed 10,000 species.

News Headlines

Bolivian golden bat revealed as 'new species'

A golden bat from Bolivia has been described as a new species by scientists.

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An Australian scientist is amongst the team who were handed a rat they later discovered was not documented in any scientific books.

IT WAS NOT until their final morning in camp, after weeks of searching for mammals within the isolated rainforests of West Sulawesi, Indonesia, that Museum Victoria's Dr Kevin Rowe and his team were handed a new species, completely unknown to science.

News Headlines

India logged 248 new species in 2013

The Zoological Survey of India has discovered 248 new animal species in different parts of the country in 2013. Of them, 162 are insects, 19 are arachnids, 36 are fish, five are amphibians and two are reptiles.

News Headlines

Africa: USAID Invests Over U.S.$210 Million to End Wildlife Trafficking and Support Conservation With First Biodiversity Policy

Today, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Rajiv Shah announced more than $210 million to conserve nature in more than 50 countries, including an anticipated $40 million to combat wildlife trafficking, as a first measure in the Agency's first-ever Biodiversity Policy.

News Headlines

Tiny wallaby among three newly discovered mammals in remote forest

Camera traps capture first shots of new wallaby, giant-eared mouse and shrew-like marsupial in Papua New Guinea

News Headlines

'New mammal species' found in PNG by Australian scientists on crowd-funded expedition

One of Australia's first crowd-funded scientific expeditions may have uncovered several new species of mammal in Papua New Guinea.

News Headlines

Researchers discover new species of wolf snake in Cambodia, name it after an Australian zoo

A new species of wolf snake has been discovered in the forests of the Cardamom Mountains of southeast Cambodia. The species is described in the current issue of the journal Zootaxa.

News Headlines

New fish varieties described

Researchers from Kochi have described four marine fish species from the Kerala waters. The newly discovered species were named as Chelidoperca manculicauda, Opistongnathus pardus, Plectranthias alcocki and Pempheris sarayu.

News Headlines

3 New Species of Weird, Endangered Fish Discovered in India, U.S and Colombia

You can find some pretty weird things when you go poking around in holes in remote parts of the globe.

News Headlines

Bat species thought to be extinct found in Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea, June 4 (UPI) --Looking for a good hiding place? Try the rain forests of Papua New Guinea. That's where a species of bat, Pharotis imogene, recently staked out, able to evade probing biologists for more than 120 years.

News Headlines

Colorful bird on remote Indonesian islands should be classified as distinct species, say scientists

A colorful bird found on the Wakatobi islands south of Sulawesi in Indonesia is sufficiently distinct from birds in nearby areas to be classified as a unique species, argue scientists writing in the current issue of the open-access journal PLoS ONE.

News Headlines

'Bush tiger' praying mantis discovered in Rwanda

"The new species is amazing because the fairly small female prowls through the underbrush searching for prey while the male flies and appears to live higher in the vegetation," explained researcher Riley Tedrow.

News Headlines

Top ten new species for 2014

An international committee selected the top 10 from among the approximately 18,000 new species named during the previous year.

News Headlines

Humpback whale subspecies revealed by genetic study

A new genetic study has revealed that populations of humpback whales in the oceans of the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere are much more distinct from each other than previously thought, and should be recognized as separate subspecies.

News Headlines

Lost snake species rediscovered in Mexico

A lost species of snake that eluded scientists for nearly 80 years has been rediscovered in Mexico, a US museum says.

News Headlines

The spot-tail golden bass: A new fish species from deep reefs of the southern Caribbean

Scientists have described a new species of small coral reef sea bass from underexplored deep-reef depths of Curaçao, southern Caribbean.

News Headlines

New Zealand sea lion is a relative newcomer

The modern New Zealand sea lion is a relative newcomer to the mainland, replacing a now-extinct, unique prehistoric New Zealand sea-lion that once lived here, according to a new study.

News Headlines

Scientists uncover new marine mammal genus, represented by single endangered species

This is the story of three seals: the Caribbean, the Hawaiian, and the Mediterranean monk seals. Once numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the Caribbean monk seal was a hugely abundant marine mammal found across the Caribbean, and even recorded by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage ...

News Headlines

Marine biologists discover new animal order among sea anemones

Without a proper classification home, researchers placed {i:Relicanthus daphneae} in an order all by itself.

News Headlines

Dancing frog species discovered in Indian jungle mountains

14 species of acrobatic amphibians found in Western Ghats, a region expected to be hit by changing rainfall patterns

News Headlines

Weird and mysterious: scientists find new shark species

A long snout with teeth jutting from the sides? Check. Catfish-like barbels dangling from its chin? Got them. Gills on the side of its body? It has those, too.

News Headlines

A new tiny species of crayfish from the swamps of coastal eastern Australia

Hidden in one of Australia's most developed and fastest growing areas lives one of the world's smallest freshwater crayfish species.

News Headlines

Garden lizard gains an elite relative from Knuckles

The common green garden lizard that belongs to the Agamid lizard family this week gained a new relative that brings to 19 the number of spcies in this group, 16 of them endemic to Sri Lanka.

News Headlines

One or two? How to decide how many species you have got

It is often difficult to decide whether two animals belong to the same or two distinct species

News Headlines

Australia's dingo is a unique species, study shows

(Reuters) - Australia's dingo is a unique species, not a kind of wild dog as previously believed, according to a new study that definitively classifies the country's largest land predator.

News Headlines

Malaysian microjewels going extinct as they are discovered

A Malaysian-Dutch team of biologists have catalogued all 31 species of the tiny, but oh so pretty snail genus Plectostoma from West-Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand. Ten species are new to science, but some of those are going extinct as they are being discovered.

News Headlines

Scientist discovers a plethora of new praying mantises (pictures)

Despite their pacific name, praying mantises are ferocious top predators with powerful, grasping forelimbs; spiked legs; and mechanistic jaws.

News Headlines

Several Amazonian tree frog species discovered, where only two existed before

We have always been intrigued by the Amazon rainforest with its abundant species richness and untraversed expanses.

News Headlines

Roosevelt’s barking deer spotted in Vietnam after 85-year absence

March. 13 (UPI) -- Muntiacus rooseveltorum, also known as Roosevelt's muntjacs or Roosevelt's barking deer -- a rare species first discovered by the sons of President Teddy Roosevelt in Laos -- hadn't been observed alive anywhere since 1929

News Headlines

Five new species of armored spiders discovered in Chinese caves

March. 14 (UPI) -- If you're afraid of spiders, there may be no worse place to encounter one than in the dark, slimy confines of the limestone caves of Southeast China. But that's where several Chinese scientists recently discovered five new spider species.

News Headlines

Beaked whale with Sinhala name retakes its place in history

This week, an enigmatic whale first described studying a specimen found in Sri Lanka has been reclassified as a new marine mammal species. The whale species – member of a family known as beaked whales for their elongated beak-like snouts – bears an interesting history.

News Headlines

Scientists discover new gecko hanging-on in single forest fragment

Scientists have identified a new species of day gecko that is the largest in its genus (Cnemaspis) to be found in Sri Lanka. To date, it has been observed only within the Rammalakanda Reserve in southern Sri Lanka, an area spanning just 1,700 hectares, raising questions about the viability of th ...

News Headlines

Scientists discover new whale species

Beaked whales are incredibly elusive and rare, little-known to scientists and the public alike—although some species are three times the size of an elephant.

News Headlines

New species of Oak hidden away in the greenery of Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary

Scientists describe a new species of Stone Oak uncovered amidst the astonishing biodiversity of the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand.

News Headlines

New plant species a microcosm of biodiversity

Biologists working in the Andes mountains of Ecuador have described a new plant species, a wild relative of black pepper, that is the sole home of an estimated 40-50 insect species, most of which are entirely dependent on this plant species for survival.

News Headlines

Largest day gecko the first on 2014 endemic new species list

A gecko has become the first creature in 2014 to join the impressive list of endemic species of Sri Lanka. The new species, discovered in Rammalakanda forest, has been named Rammale day gecko (Rammale diva huna), classified scientifically as Cnemaspis rammalensis.

News Headlines

Giant jellyfish found on Australia beach

Scientists in Australia are working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on a beach in Tasmania.

News Headlines

New coral species found off Peru dazzles with fiery red color

LIMA, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- Researchers at the Smithsonian Institution say scuba divers have found a new, fiery-red coral species off the coast of Peru's Paracas National Reserve.

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