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News Headlines

Rich and poorest nations face off over TRIPS extension

The world's poorest countries are in a dispute with developed nations, including the United States and European Union members, over their special rights to bypass intellectual property rights when accessing key technologies — a provision that is about to expire.

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Intellectual property and development: beware the 'genome divide'

Jane Parry wrote on this network in January about how genomics could help developing countries deal with disease. Her article provides a timely reminder of the health problems faced by all countries, but particularly developing countries.

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Life in Khunti changes with biodiversity project

RANCHI: The Khunti district in the past has been feared for Red terror but there is a success story there too in which the conservation of biodiversity was done by roping the village community.

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Genetic Resources And Traditional Knowledge : Getting The Rules Right For Agriculture: A Key Challenge For WIPO’s IGC

Next week the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (the IGC) will be meeting in Geneva for its twenty third session.

News Headlines

Patent laws key to drug innovation, argues report

[SAO PAULO] Pharmaceutical innovation in middle-income countries such as Brazil and India could be boosted by stronger enforcement of intellectual property laws and by building up research capacity, says a report.

News Headlines

UN High-Level Meeting In India On Biodiversity Addresses Access And Benefit-Sharing

At the ongoing 11th Conference of the Parties (COP11) to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad, the hot topic is funds and how to mobilize it. The mega-conference is taking place in the shadow of a global economic slowdown, and delegates gathered at this southe ...

News Headlines

WHO Board Plan For Fake Medicines Mechanism Excludes Trade And IP

The World Health Organization Executive Board this week agreed to propose to the May World Health Assembly the establishment of a mechanism for international collaboration on counterfeit and substandard medical products, but with the exclusion of trade and intellectual property issues.

News Headlines

IP presents 'barriers to climate action'

This week's UN climate conference needs to tackle the contentious issue of intellectual property, which could prevent poor countries getting access to clean technology, says one Australian lawyer.

News Headlines

Opinion | Geographical Indications, in Situ Conservation and Traditional Knowledge

Geographical indications (GIs) have been a neglected area in the various fora addressing biodiversity and intellectual property.

News Headlines

IP & Traditional Cultural Expressions: An Unnatural Alliance?

Incorporating traditional cultural expressions into an intellectual property system will be an uphill battle, warned a panellist at a recent side event at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

News Headlines

UN Climate Talks Find Make-Do Solution; IP Rights Dismissed

The United Nations climate change conference closed at dawn last Saturday, with a make-do package of decisions advantageously labelled the “Cancun Agreements”. Intellectual property rights have all but disappeared from the texts as Bolivia stood alone in disagreement and was shush-gavelled.

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[EN DIRECT de NAGOYA] Deux cas de biopiraterie

La biopiraterie consiste à se servir d’organismes naturels sans payer le pays dont ils sont issus. C’est généralement l’apanage de grosses multinationales et les victimes en sont des pays en voie de développement aux réglementations et aux administrations défaillantes

News Headlines

Patents In Cosmetics: Disclosure Of Origin Arduous, Report Says

A growing number of patents are being filed on plant-based ingredients for use in cosmetics, according to a new report from the Geneva-based Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

News Headlines

The Realities Of Traditional Knowledge And Patents

India's laws on traditional knowledge yield interesting positive and negative results, writes Mohan Dewan. Related Articles: WIPO Traditional Knowledge Committee Opens With Hope For Text-Based Talks Perpetual Protection Of Traditional Knowledge "Not On Table" At WIPO WIPO Traditional Knowledg ...

News Headlines

Third Try Set For CBD Biodiversity Benefit-Sharing Treaty

The third attempt at concluding negotiations on a draft protocol text on international biodiversity access and benefit-sharing will take place in Montreal on 18-21 September, according to official sources. Delegates at the meeting will try to agree on the text, before the United Nations Conventi ...

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