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News Headlines

Going wild: The impact of tourism on nature

Wildlife tourism generates billions of dollars in revenue every year - boosting local economies and creating employment. But what is the cost to the animals that become the star attractions?

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Is Tourism Endangering Florida's Manatees?

Florida manatees have been in the news a lot recently as a result of abnormally low temperatures in the Southeast U.S. this winter leading to rescue operations.

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'They come, they photograph, but don’t help': how ecotourism in the Amazon shortchanges the locals

The Huaorani Ecolodge promises a unique and immersive cultural experience – but at the expense of the people who struggle to maintain a life in the rainforest

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Drop in Kenyan tourism could harm sea turtles

What do Ebola and terrorism have to do with turtles? Along the Kenyan coast, quite a bit. Both are causing numbers of tourists to drop - and the impacts on wildlife conservation could be severe.

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Alpine ski resorts gain boost from going green

With climate change the number one environmental concern facing mountain communities, sustainable labelling schemes can help to attract tourists and preserve delicate landscapes

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Kenya’s Green Energy Boom Could Threaten National Parks

Kenya’s Rift Valley, a rich source of geothermal power, is now being touted as the answer to the country’s energy problems. But most of the drilling sites are in natural parks, the source of important tourism income. Kenya is facing trade-offs as the growing need for power comes into conflict wi ...

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Tiger increase in India 'proof of the benefits of tourism'

"India is now home to 70 per cent of the world's tigers," India’s environment minister Prakash Javadekar said today.

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Paradise gained – how tourism could help Tasmania’s wilderness

The recent leaking of a new draft management plan for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) has prompted vigorous debate over the merits of tourism development in protected areas.

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A lifeline for Morocco’s fishermen

A fish breeding center at a lake in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is meant to boost dwindling populations and help local communities secure their livelihoods through increased fishing and tourism.

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TripAdvisor scheme helps travellers select a sustainable bed for the night

Hanging a ‘do not disturb’ sign on a hotel door almost always assures your privacy when away on holiday or business. But does hanging a used towel back on its rack assure your green preferences? Does this simple action mean you’ve played your part in being a sustainable hotel guest, or will hous ...

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Tourism poses a threat to dolphins in the Balearic Islands

The rise in tourism, fishing and sea transport between the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands is compromising the wellbeing of a small population of common bottlenose dolphins living in coastal waters off the Pityusic Islands.

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'Out-of-control tourism' hurting wild Ibiza

Rampant tourism is threatening the coastline of the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza while other major wilderness areas are also being seriously neglected by Spanish authorities, a new study shows.

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Think twice about wild animal tourism, visitors told

A leading animal charity is urging tourists to think more carefully about the impact their adventures are having on animals

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How Sustainable Tourism Is Becoming a New 'Mega-Goal' at the 65th Annual United Nations DPI/NGO Conference

The United Nations Department of Public Information recently held a conference titled "Beyond 2015: An Action Agenda by Non-governmental organizations" at U.N. Headquarters in New York.

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Ecotourism rise hits whales

Desire to observe whales and dolphins up close is affecting animals’ behaviour.

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The ethics of elephants in tourism, global guide released

Ethical online travel agent, reponsibletravel.com released a global guide on elephant welfare in the tourism industry on Monday. The guide aims to help travellers make informed decisions when booking trips involving experiences with elephants.

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World Responsible Tourism Awards 2014 longlist announced

The official longlist for the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2014 has been released, recognising inspiring organisations that work to ensure tourism preserves and benefits destinations and local people.

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Montenegro's sustainable tourism development crucial for economic prosperity-Source

Montenegro's Minister of Tourism and Sustainable Development Branimir Gvozdenović visited the headquarters of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWITO) based in Madrid, where he met with Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWITO.

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Monkey island, giant lily pads and bicycle boats: welcome to Colombia’s Amazon

Colombia’s southernmost state, Amazonas, boasts four national parks and is home to some of richest biodiversity on the planet. From canoeing down one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River, to sleeping in floating houses, to dolphin spotting, and volunteering with endangered species, Colomb ...

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The shoots of sustainable travel are emerging in one of the most unlikely of places: China.

Try to picture an eco-paradise. As the world's biggest polluter, China probably isn't the first destination that springs to mind. And yet in recent years this famously gray, smog-cloaked country has become a laboratory for green travel.

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Asian migratory bird sanctuaries may soar as new eco-tourism haven

This World Migratory Bird Day, the United Nations launched an eco-tourism plan that promotes bird conservation and livelihood development, enabling globe-trotting tourists to become protectors of the world's 'original long distance travellers' and their habitats.

News Headlines

Saving Caribbean Tourism from the Sea

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Apr 16 2014 (IPS) - Faced with the prospect of losing miles of beautiful white beaches – and the millions in tourist dollars that come with them – from erosion driven by climate change, Barbados is taking steps to protect its coastline as a matter of economic survival.

News Headlines

Saving Caribbean Tourism from the Sea

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Apr 16 2014 (IPS) - Faced with the prospect of losing miles of beautiful white beaches – and the millions in tourist dollars that come with them – from erosion driven by climate change, Barbados is taking steps to protect its coastline as a matter of economic survival.

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Tourism key to conservation-poverty reduction link

[CARTAGO, COSTA RICA] Conserving wildlife reduces poverty in nearby areas according to evidence from Bolivia, Costa Rica and Thailand — but how it does that has puzzled scientists.

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Taking control of Everest climbers' environmental impact

The boom in alpine tourism has left Mount Everest covered in debris. Nepali authorities are taking action this climbing season, requiring each climber to bring back their trash. But how can the new rule be enforced?

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Waves of opportunities seen for marine ecotourism

Cebu City in the Philippines, which was hit by an earthquake and Supertyphoon Yolanda (international code name Haiyan) in 2013, proved to be the ideal backdrop for the recent 2014 World Ecotourism Conference (WEC).

News Headlines

Introducing the first sustainable tourism model for The Bahamas and the Caribbean

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The Bahamas National Trust recently concluded a three year pilot demonstration project in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park through funding by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Full Size Project (FSP) on “Tourism and Coral Reef Health”.

News Headlines

Ecotourism Benefits the Costa Rican Economy by 16%

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A study published in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that ecotourism has improved the quality of life of Costa Ricans living in areas close to parks and protected areas by 16%.

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Ecotourism pays: study finds lower poverty where nature-based tourism is prevalent

A new study has quantified a point long advocated by advocates of setting aside protected areas: ecotourism pays.

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Tourism best hope for critically endangered lemurs

Madagascar's lemurs - the world's most threatened primate - could be saved from extinction by eco-tourism, conservationists say.

News Headlines

Central Africa's Ecotourism Set To Rebound, Though Lingering Conflicts, Proposed Oil Drilling Endanger Gorillas

RUMANGABO, Democratic Republic of Congo — For more than a decade and a half, armed rebels were the main threat to this country’s famous Virunga National Park, and though the park is rebounding, the threat of conflict persists, and now, environmentalists fear an oil project could be even more des ...

News Headlines

Kerala wins UN award for sustainable tourism

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Tourism has been conferred the United Nations Award for creating innovative initiatives for sustainable tourism, the first time India has ever won the recognition.

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Malaysia: Sustainable Tourism Major Contributor To Economy

Sustainable tourism development is no longer just a mere cliche, but has become a major contributor to a more environmentally sustainable economy, said Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.

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Seashell Loss Due to Tourism Increase May Have Global Impact

Jan. 9, 2014 — Global tourism has increased fourfold over the last 30 years, resulting in human-induced seashell loss that may harm natural habitats worldwide, according to a University of Florida scientist.

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Malaysia playing pivotal role in promoting intra-ASEAN tourism

Over the past few years we have been promoting short haul travel, encouraging our people to travel in a more affordable and easier way to our neighbours in ASEAN. In this respect, Malaysia has introduced the 3-2-1 Heritage Tour package -- three UNESCO heritage sites (Melaka, Penang and Borobudur ...

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Tourists Are Giving Endangered Iguanas Diarrhea and High Cholesterol

Hop on over to the photo-sharing site Flickr and you’ll find dozens of photos and videos of people eagerly feeding grapes to hungry iguanas on the beaches of the Bahamas.

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Peru Uses Climate Twist to Lure Tourists to Shrinking Glacier

In its heyday, the Pastoruri glacier in central Peru, drew daily throngs of tourists packed into dozens of double-decker buses 16,000-feet (5,0000-meters) high into the Andes to ski, build snowmen and scale its dizzying peaks.

News Headlines

Sri Lanka's tropical beaches: A development trap?

After over 25 years of internal conflict ended in Sri Lanka in May 2009, the country finally seemed poised to capitalise on its beautiful beaches and tropical landscapes. Named as the New York Times top tourist destination in 2010, and receiving similar accolades from the Lonely Planet in 2013, ...

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Bird-watching tours in Costa Rica: an economic alternative to palm oil?

Oil palm plantations have been rapidly expanding across the tropics for the better part of the past twenty years due to high returns from palm oil production.

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Peru to use biotrade potential for a sustainable tourism

Lima, Oct. 15 (ANDINA). Peru's government seeks to position the country as a hub for sustainable tourism hand-in-hand with biotrade, generating partnerships and competitiveness in the value chain, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) has reported.

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Water, the mainspring of tourism

A large majority of tourists are mesmerised by water. They travel across the world to be near water, surf on high waves, loll on beaches, ride on boats.

News Headlines

Rwanda: Nyungwe National Park Nominated for Global Award

Nyungwe National Park has made the cut of seven from the continent short-listed for the 2013 World Travel Awards.The accolade follows last year's British Guild of Travel Writers' Global Award that the park received for its efforts to harmonise tourism, wildlife and the agricultural community in ...

News Headlines

Sustainable tourism gains traction

News that the Caribbean could have lost up to 80% of its coral reef over recent decades comes as no big surprise to Louise Armstrong. Five years ago, she sat down with leaders in the tourism industry and mapped out the sustainability challenges ahead.

News Headlines

Sustainable growth in an island paradise

With tourism the most important sector of Seychelles' economy, the challenge is balancing economic growth with environmental protection - and making sure not just foreigners benefit from the country's tourism boom

News Headlines

Sustainable growth in an island paradise

With tourism the most important sector of Seychelles' economy, the challenge is balancing economic growth with environmental protection - and making sure not just foreigners benefit from the country's tourism boom.

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Nigeria and sustainable/responsible/ecotourism: costs, benefits, options and challenges

Nigeria has the potential to become very competitive in sustainable tourism if the necessary political will exists.

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Spent bogs and disused railways have huge eco-tourism potential

An ambitious project to restore Ireland's boglands will transform large tracts of Ireland into a wetland Savannah-like wonderland and attract hundreds of thousands of eco-tourists.

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Govt policy, Internet helped boost Bohol as top ecotourism spot–official

The government’s open-sky policy, the World Wide Web and a sound tourism-development plan were instrumental in propelling Bohol province to become the Philippines’s top destination for ecotourism, according to a high-ranking Department of Tourism (DOT) official.

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The Punjab government has unveiled a dedicated plan that seeks to harness the eco-tourism potential of the state.

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How to develop eco-tourism and sustainable business in the Amazon rainforest

In the second part of the series, we'll learn three ways to work sustainably in the Amazon rainforest and three ways to develop ecotourism enterprise in the central-west region.

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