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Salinity counts when it comes to sea level

Using ocean observations and a large suite of climate models, scientists have found that long-term salinity changes have a stronger influence on regional sea level changes than previously thought.

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First clues found in mysterious sea star die-off

DNA analyses link outbreak along North America's Pacific Coast to a densovirus.

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Japan cuts Antarctic whale quota after UN court ruling

Japan said Tuesday it has cut its Antarctic whale-catch quota by two-thirds in a move it hopes will convince international opponents it is conducting real science, not hiding a commercial hunt behind a veneer of research.

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Growing Coral to Keep a Sea Claim Above Water

TOKYO — Amid warnings that rising sea levels caused by global warming could lead to the disappearance of some entire island states, two tiny uninhabited islets in the Pacific are at the forefront of Japanese research into the preservation and regeneration of coral reefs.

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Extinction risk may be overrated but reefs still vulnerable

We may be overestimating the extinction risk of individual marine species on coral reefs but this is no cause for complacency, scientists warn.

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Can't dump on Great Barrier Reef but you can next door

This could muddy the waters. Australia has announced it will not allow the dumping of dredged up material inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

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