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10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10)

4 - 10 October 2013, Salamanca, Spain

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Endangered California condors' social structure is survival tool

SAN DIEGO, July 16 (UPI) -- California condors, an endangered species, have a complex system of interactions based on dominance to help them survive, wildlife scientists say.

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Spain's endangered Iberian lynx brought back from brink of extinction

'Now there is hope', says director of conservation programme that has tripled wildcat's numbers in Andalusia

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Guns will not win the war against elephant poachers

Despite best efforts we are not winning the war on poaching. A massive seizure of 1.5 tons of ivory in Kenya's port city of Mombasa on 3 July flies in the face of threats against poachers and dealers by the Kenya government, and yet ivory traffickers continue unabated. In the first six months of ...

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Rare Primate Species Needs Habitat Help to Survive

July 10, 2013 — The population of the critically endangered large primate known as the drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) has been largely reduced to a few critical habitat areas in Cameroon, according to a recently published study by researchers with the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation R ...

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Yangtze finless porpoise drops to Critically Endangered

The newest update to the IUCN Red List has downgraded the status of the Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis) from Endangered to Critically Endangered, reflecting the deteriorating state of arguably the world's most degraded river system.

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World's only freshwater porpoise on brink of extinction

There's now only one cetacean species to be found in the Yangtze river, and it is in serious danger of extinction. The conservation status of the Yangtze finless porpoise – the world's only freshwater porpoise – has been upgraded to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red L ...

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Last Chance for Sawfish?

All species of sawfish around the world could soon gain full protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, a move that comes just in time for the iconic but critically endangered creatures.

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One in eight of world's bird species at threat of extinction: report

VANCOUVER - The world's birds are literally the canaries in the coal mine and their ongoing decline should serve as a warning signal of a global environment in peril, says an international report on the state of the world's birds.

News Headlines

Diamond Mining Could Push Angola’s Antelope to Extinction

DUBAI, Jun 18 2013 (IPS) - Environmental campaigners are urging the Angolan government to halt plans to mine diamonds inside a national reserve that is home to the world’s last wild population of a rare antelope, the Giant Sable.

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Hope for Endangered Butterfly Species

Newly collected eggs give the Schaus butterfly a chance

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A Critically Endangered Beauty: The Passion Flower Passiflora Kwangtungensis

June 12, 2013 — Passiflora is a genus of beautiful plants commonly known as the passion flowers or passion vines.

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Syrian bald ibis may be down to a single bird

The eastern population of northern bald ibises (Geronticus eremita) has likely fallen to a single breeding bird, reports conservationists monitoring the dwindling flock.

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Sheepdogs Save Australia's Endangered Penguins

Penguin-snatching foxes are no match for Maremma sheepdogs, bred to guard against wolves in Italy's mountains.

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Rwanda: Kamanzi Calls for Protection of Endangered Species

More efforts are needed to preserve endangered animal and plant species in the country, the Minister for Natural Resources, Stanislas Kamanzi, has said.

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China reports rise in humans encountering wild Siberian tigers

Villagers in rural Hunchun have mixed feelings about initiative's initial success in boosting population of endangered big cat

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Leonardo DiCaprio raises record $38.8M for endangered species

Leonardo DiCaprio raised a record breaking $38.8 million from a charity art auction on Monday. The 38-year-old actor requested specially-made work from 33 artists - including the elusive Banksy - as well as offering one of his own paintings by Andreas Gursky to sell at his 11th Hour auction at C ...

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World's most distinct mammals and amphibians mapped

Scientists have developed the first map of the world's most unique and most endangered mammals and amphibians.

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Sumatran tigers may go extinct in 10 years

JAKARTA, May 11 (UPI) -- Conservationists said the critically endangered Sumatran tiger may go extinct from the Jambi province on Sumatra, Indonesia, in a decade.

News Headlines

Lemur has unexpectedly wide range, diversity of color variations

An endangered lemur has a larger range than originally believed but is still at risk due to forest fragmentation and land clearing, reports a study published in the journal Primate Conservation.

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Endangered primates and cats may be hiding out in swamps and mangrove forests

What happens to animals when their forest is cut down? If they can, they migrate to different forests. But in an age when forests are falling far and fast, many species may have to shift to entirely different environments.

News Headlines

Draft regulations on endangered species published

Cape Town - Changes to regulations governing threatened or protected species (ToPS) have been published, and the public invited to comment on them.

News Headlines

Wildlife scientists urge less focus on endangered species

NEW YORK, April 18 (UPI) -- A paper by U.S. scientists takes the international conservation community to task for ignoring abundant wildlife, treating them as environmental "stepchildren."

News Headlines

Extinction debt suggests endangered species are doomed

From dragonflies to bears, when it comes to lost species we ain't seen nothing yet.Biologists are getting rattled about growing evidence of "extinction debt" – the idea that there is a delay of decades or even centuries between humans damaging ecosystems and the demise of species that live there.

News Headlines

Resurgence of Endangered Deer in Patagonian ‘Eden’ Highlights Conservation Success

Apr. 16, 2013 — The Huemul, a species of deer found only in the Latin American region of Patagonia, is bouncing back from the brink of possible extinction as a result of collaboration between conservationists and the Chilean government, says a new study.

News Headlines

Threatened iconic deer in Chile on the way back to recovery

SANTIAGO, Chile, April 16 (UPI) -- Conservationists say a resurgence of Chile's iconic but endangered Huemul deer represents a victory for environmentalists and the Chilean government.

News Headlines

Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Conservationists in the United States say that fragments of lead ammunition continue to take a desperate toll on one of the country's rarest birds.

News Headlines

Rare Malaysian orangutans to be protected

KUCHING, Malaysia, April 10 (UPI) -- A U.S. group says it applauds the government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak for its efforts to protect a globally significant population of rare orangutans.

News Headlines

Amur leopard population rises to 50 animals, but at risk from

In the remote Russian far east, amid pine forests and long winters, a great cat may be beginning to make a recovery.

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Zoos evolve to protect endangered species

There are more than 10,000 zoos worldwide. In the U.S., there are more than 200.And like the animals they hold, they're evolving to survive.

News Headlines

Eat it to Save it

When most people think of endangered species, images of giant pandas or snow leopards likely come to mind.

News Headlines

Endangered garden birds continuing to decline in the UK, RSPB survey shows

House sparrow and starling numbers dropping at alarming rate, but prolonged winter brings new species to backyards

News Headlines

Butterflies and Bombs

The St. Francis’ Satyr is small, brown, and fabulously rare. Once found across North Carolinian sedge meadows, the federally endangered butterfly is now restricted to a few square miles.

News Headlines

Genome study to aid Madagascar lemurs

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa., March 25 (UPI) -- Scientists who've sequenced the genome of a type of endangered lemur living in Madagascar say it will help guide conservation efforts for the species.

News Headlines

Facing extinction, conservationists call emergency summit to save Sumatran rhinos

With the number of Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) now under 200 and declining rapidly, a group of conservationists have organized an emergency summit to discuss courses of action to save the world's smallest remaining rhino from extinction.

News Headlines

It’s our responsibility to protect endangered sharks: ESO

MUSCAT The Sultanate is party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and is under international obligation to protect the world’s most threatened shark species such as the oceanic whitetip and porbeagle, three types of hammerhead sharks and two manta ray species, ...

News Headlines

Wildlife Trade Meeting Endorses DNA Testing of Seized Ivory

Protection for elephants, rhinos, sharks and trees was extended by states party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

News Headlines

Hammerhead sharks are winners of wildlife trade meeting

IT LOOKS like it will be good news for sharks but bad news for polar bears at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

News Headlines

Deadly poison threat to tigers

Poison is emerging as the latest and most dangerous threat to the survival of the last remaining wild tigers in Thailand.

News Headlines

Turtles upend population thresholds

A study of an endangered turtle population suggests that a commonly used generic estimate for the smallest sustainable population of a species — 5,000 adults — is far too high.

News Headlines

Hope for Threatened Tasmanian Devils

Mar. 11, 2013 — New research paves the way for the development of a vaccine for the Tasmanian devil, currently on the brink of extinction because of a contagious cancer.

News Headlines

New protection for endangered trees against rampant logging trade

178 nations at the world's biggest wildlife summit agree to strictly regulate trade in mahogany and rosewood timber

News Headlines

Lanka urged to vote for sharks, manta rays

A crucial proposal on protecting sharks and manta ray species has stirred debates and discussions ahead of a vote at the ongoing Bangkok conference on the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

News Headlines

'Historic' day for shark protection

Three types of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok.

News Headlines

Turtle 'victory' at wildlife meeting

Some of the world’s most endangered turtles have been given additional protection at the Cites conservation meeting in Bangkok.

News Headlines

Will Cloning Ever Save Endangered Animals?

Right now, cloning is not a viable conservation strategy. But some researchers remain optimistic that it will help threatened species in the future

News Headlines

International conference debates fate of endangered species

From polar bears and butterflies to the West African manatee and all manner of stingrays, the fate of many creatures is being debated in Bangkok this week, as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) updates its list of endangered animals.

News Headlines

International ban on polar bear trade rejected

A major meeting of governments on threats to endangered species on Thursday rejected a ban on international trade in polar bears amid fears it would distract from the bigger threat of global warming.

News Headlines

How CITES can better protect endangered species

Undoubtedly, the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species' (CITES) greatest achievement to date has been putting an end to the international ivory trade.

News Headlines

Protection urged for shark, ray species

BANGKOK, March 6 (UPI) -- An endangered species conference under way in Bangkok should extend protection of sharks and rays being threatened by overfishing, a U.S. wildlife group says.

News Headlines

How your fuel bills are subsidising deforestation

On Monday DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) launched ”If They’re Gone.......”, a new year-long campaign to raise awareness about the threats facing four iconic endangered species – orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos.

News Headlines

South Africa: SA Puts Rhino On Cites Agenda

South Africa is one of 178 countries gathered in Bangkok this week to decide how to improve the world's wildlife trade regime, and to ensure the survival of threatened species.

News Headlines

Countries meet to save endangered species

PRETORIA: South Africa is part of 178 countries gathering in Bangkok this week to decide how to improve the world's wildlife trade regime, and ensure the survival of the threatened species.

News Headlines

Stop extinction of species for "our children" urges Prince William

Father-to-be Prince William has called on world leaders to stop illegal trade in animal parts so “our children have the same opportunity” as this generation to experience wildlife.

News Headlines

International conference aims to protect endangered species

A UN environment expert has warned that trafficking has put several species of plants and animals in danger of extinction. A conference under way in Bangkok aims to protect polar bears, rays and sharks.

News Headlines

COMBS: Preserving endangered species the Texas way

Remember the northern spotted owl? Once it was a symbol of environmental protection. Today, it symbolizes how regulatory decisions driven by ideology rather than science can devastate local economies without helping the species they were intended to protect.

News Headlines

Zoo repatriation programme to be expanded

SOME endangered species at Hope Zoo are getting closer to life outside of captivity, thanks to a US$50,000 grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme implemented by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP).

News Headlines

New Zealand urged to protect rare dolphin

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Feb. 15 (UPI) -- Scientists and conservationists say New Zealand must do more to protect the Maui's dolphin -- the world's most endangered dolphin -- from extinction.

News Headlines

One in five reptile species faces extinction – study

Nearly one in five of the world's estimated 10,000 species of lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other reptiles are threatened with extinction, according to a study conducted by 200 experts.

News Headlines

World's reptiles at risk of extinction

Almost a fifth of the world's reptile species are at risk of extinction, according to scientists.

News Headlines

To Catch a Rhino: Saving a Species

Last month, six white rhinos were captured at a private game reserve in South Africa and transferred to a quarantine facility for relocation to neighboring Botswana, which has lost its entire rhino population to poaching.

News Headlines

Naturalists to outline simple steps to save species at risk

It can be as simple as building a temporary barrier along a highway guardrail to help encourage turtles not to cross. Or it could be closing off a quiet section of road for a few weeks each spring so rare salamanders can make their way to their nesting grounds.

News Headlines

Conservation budget pampers tigers, ignores 132 species

The majestic tiger walks away with the maximum of wildlife conservation budget. The elephant too gets its share in the booty, though much less. But there are 132 other critically-endangered species of plants and animals, which get virtually peanuts of this conservation fund.

News Headlines

India and Nepal begin Royal Bengal tiger census

Forest and nature protection officials from Nepal and India have started their first ever joint survey of tigers.

News Headlines

Rare pygmy elephants 'poisoned' in Borneo

Ten endangered pygmy elephants have been found dead in a reserve in Malaysia, with officials saying they may have been poisoned.

News Headlines

Study: Endangered monkeys doing better

JAKARTA, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- A study of critically endangered black macaques in an Indonesian nature reserve shows their numbers have stabilized after years of decline, researchers say.

News Headlines

Spike in Indian rhino deaths triggers worry

The premature death of at least 50 one-horned Indian rhinoceroses in the northeast Indian state of Assam has triggered concern among activists who call for improved conservation efforts.

News Headlines

Spoon-billed sandpipers threatened by trapping in China

Endangered spoon-billed sandpipers arriving at their wintering grounds in China are being threatened by nets designed to trap shorebirds.

News Headlines

Critically Endangered Parakeet Population Grows on Predator-Free Island Reserve

Few people have ever seen a critically endangered Malherbe’s parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi) in the wild.

News Headlines

An avalanche of decline: snow leopard populations are plummeting

The trading of big cat pelts is nothing new, but recent demand for snow leopard pelts and taxidermy mounts has added a new commodity to the illegal trade in wildlife products, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

News Headlines

West African lions on verge of extinction, report says

Conservation group LionAid says as few as 645 lions remain in the wild in western and central Africa

News Headlines

Endangered Bird Falls Prey to Royal Hunting Games

KARACHI, Dec 19 2012 (IPS) - Every year, between November and January, the Indus Flyway bears witness to a migration of an endangered bird species – the houbara bustard – from Central Asia to the deserts of Pakistan.

News Headlines

Last Christmas? Partridges and turtle doves face risk of extinction in UK

Birds in popular carol The Twelve Days of Christmas are disappearing from countryside at alarming rates, scientists say

News Headlines

Google cash buys drones to watch endangered species

Drones could soon be helping protect rhinos, tigers and elephants in Africa and Asia, thanks to cash from Google.

News Headlines

Bats, snakes among species in danger in Canada: COSEWIC

VANCOUVER -- As the 10th anniversary of the federal Species At Risk Act approaches, dozens of animals and plants have been added to the list considered at-risk.

News Headlines

Galapagos' extinct tortoise species could come back to life

A species of giant tortoises from the Galapagos Islands could be brought back from extinction despite the death earlier this year of the famed "Lonesome George," a tourist magnet and conservation icon who was the last of his kind.

News Headlines

Bornean Elephant: Genomics Helps With Conservation

Studying the genetic variability of endangered species is becoming increasingly necessary for species conservation and monitoring. But, endangered species are difficult to observe and sample, and typically harbour very limited genetic diversity.

News Headlines

Operation Hirola - Saving Africa's Rarest Antelope

A group of conservationists, pastoralists and Chinese funders have joined forces to save the hirola antelope, the last living representative of a three-million-year-old lineage.

News Headlines

Mountain gorilla population up by over 20 percent in five years

A mountain gorilla census in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has a population that continues to rise, hitting 400 animals.

News Headlines

Brazil Embarks On Cloning Of Wild Animals

Brazilian scientists are attempting to clone animals in danger of extinction, like the jaguar and maned wolf, although the potential impact on the conservation of these threatened species is still not clear

News Headlines

Extent of Range is a Key Factor in Extinction Risk for Ocean Animals

What makes some ocean animals more prone to extinction than others? A new study of marine fossils provides a clue.

News Headlines

Threatened species listing for polar bears contested in U.S. court

Polar bears' designation as a threatened species was challenged in a U.S. appeals court on Friday, with a lawyer for Alaska and other parties arguing that regulators had failed to back up the listing.

Side Event
COP 11

Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife Conservation

A presentation by the CIC and a discussion with attendees on the potential themes to be included in a future Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife Conservation. For further details on the topic see additional information.

Side Event
COP 11

Seven Wonders of Conservation presented by the Alliance for Zero Extinction

The purpose of this event will be to raise awareness of some of the globe’s most threatened species through the Seven Wonders of Conservation campaign. Presentations will include national governments sharing their succesful experiences combating species extinctions through the protection of the ...

Side Event
COP 11

Turning the corner on tiger conservation

The event will showcase progress the 13 range state governments and other important stakeholders have made on following up to the commitments made at the International Tiger forum in St. Petersburg (the Tiger Summit) in 2010. The event will highlight the positive examples from the field, and r ...

Side Event
COP 11

Securing Wildlife Corridors as an avenue to halt the loss of biodiverstiy

Securing wildlife priority corridors and habitat linkages to enable natural migration and genetic exchange is an important conservation element for successful implementation of the CBD Strategy 2020. At the side event success factors and challenges of examples from India and Southern Africa wil ...

News Headlines

Experts name 25 most endangered primates

Many of man's closest living relatives - apes, monkeys, lemurs and other primates - are on the brink of extinction, according to a new report released at the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity meeting this week in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

Side Event
COP 11

Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and Welfare as an essential wildlife conservation tool

The value of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing individual wild animals back into their ecosystem is often undervalued in the conservation debate. At the side event some outstanding examples contributing to the conservation of biodiversity will be presented and participants are invited to di ...

Side Event
COP 11

Endangered wetlands: comparative experiences on participatory strategic management to tackle socio-environmental conflicts.

This side event seeks to exchange valuable experiences regarding threatened wetlands and the use of environmental strategic tools (territorial planning, environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, public participation and litigation) as a means of preventing or putting a ...

Side Event
COP 11

The South Asia Regional Vulture Recovery Programme

Over the last 20 years, South Asia has witnessed the precipitous decline of three vulture species: the white-rumped vulture (Gyps bengalensis); the Indian vulture (Gyps indicus); and the slender-billed vulture (Gyps tenuirostris). Once numbering in the tens of millions, the combined population o ...

Side Event
COP 11

Conserving Critically Endangered Gyps vultures in Asia

The event includes presentations from various organizations on conservation initiatives taken by various organizations called Saving Asia's Vultures from Extinction (SAVE). Critically Endangered Gyps vultures have suffered a 99 per cent decline in Asia over the last 20 years, attributed to th ...

News Headlines

Cheetahs being driven to prey on livestock

TEHRAN, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Asiatic cheetahs, an endangered species, have to kill and eat livestock in regions where their normal prey is in decline, a team in Iran has found.

News Headlines

Migratory sharks inch closer to extinction

Almost a fifth of the world's sharks are endangered. That's prompted many nations to enact protection measures but several Asian countries are lobbying hard for continued shark hunting.

News Headlines

New website highlights the plight of the pangolin

Scaly, insect-devouring, nocturnal, and notoriously shy, pangolins are strange mammals who remain unknown to many.

News Headlines

Could Viagra help save tigers?

Conservationists are hoping that advances in Western medicine may persuade some people to stop using parts from exotic and endangered animals to cure various ailments.

News Headlines

Ethiopia: Rescuing Endangered Wildlife Calls for Urgency

Ethiopia is a country endowed with precious, endemic wildlife, tremendous and marvelous natural resources, cascades, a range of tangible and intangible assets, among others.

News Headlines

End is near for vulnerable SA species

Cape Town - Some experts say the world is heading for the "sixth extinction". Unlike the five separate mass extinctions millions of years ago, this one will be caused not by natural events, but by a single species: humans.

News Headlines

Saving the Top 100 Threatened Species – a Question of Valuing Life

JEJU, South Korea, Sep 15 2012 (IPS) - The Red River Giant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) is the stuff of legend in Vietnam. The fabled turtle in Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake is popularly known by the name Kim Qui or Golden Turtle God, and it made its first historical appearance in 250 BC.

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