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  Final report from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation
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Dates and VenueEvent
27 June 2009 - 4 January 2010
The Coral See
22 May - 31 October 2010
Europe in Bloom : A Living Façade at the European Environment Agency / Organized by European Enivornment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
6 September 2010
IYB Celebration
15 October 2010
Night of Culture
22 May 2010 - International Day for Biodiversity
Biodiversity activities took place on the island of Funen. Two events involving two endangered species (dormouse and fire-bellied toad) from the area were organized on that day. Participants were first provided with information concerning the dormouse and then they were involved in improving the mouse’s habitat by planting various bushes. The participants were also able to set up nests for the mouse, which in the past has helped strengthen the mousse population. Lastly, they were introduced to a special dormouse that had been bred in captivity under very special conditions. Participants were also given information about the fire-bellied toad and were able to hear its distinctive call in the evening. Read more.


Danish Society for Nature Conservation

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is the largest nature conservation and environmental organization in Denmark. With the support of 140,000 members, we work to protect nature and the environment. Our 96 branches and our 2,000 active members are our eyes and ears at local and regional levels.

In 1911, we started as an organization mainly aiming at nature conservation and access to nature. Today, we work with a broad range of issues concerning nature, the environment, resources and consumption. Our vision is a sustainable society with a rich and diverse nature and a clean and healthy environment. Our daily work is performed by a secretariat of about 70 enthusiastic professionals.