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National Celebrations

Closing Ceremony of Franco Egyptian Celebration Activities and IYB 2010 Egypt
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Egypt is organising many activities for the celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity.

The Nature Conservation Sector (NCS) of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, has prepared the plan celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity 2010, and has undertaken several initiatives to celebrate the Year.

Here is a report on NCS’s achievements during for the month of March 2010

Information documents about biodiversity-related topics or programmes in Egypt:

  IYB activities organized by the Planetarium Science Center - Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Final Report

Dates and VenueEvent
10 November - 11 December 2009
Sinai Expedition
3 - 4 February 2010
World Wetland Day
8 February 2010
Lecture: Biodiversity
3 - 7 March 2010
Regional Biodiversity Camp for Youth and Children
3 - 7 March 2010
Regional Environmental Educational Campaign
2 - 4 April 2010
2010 Children and Youth International Conference – Let’s Take Care of the Planet
3 - 5 April 2010
National Conference: The Link Between Climate Change and Biodiversity; Earth Day Celebration; National Conference for Youth and Children : “Let’s Care for Our Country Egypt”
14 April 2010
The First Preparatory Meeting of the Arab Encyclopedia of Life
8 May 2010
Flying over Egypt (World Migratory Birds Day)
10 May 2010
Launch of Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 (GBO 3)
27 May 2010
World Environment Day Celebration and International Day of Biodiversity in Egypt
12 August 2010
International Climate Change Conference for Youth and Children
9 - 24 November 2010
“Biodiversity: Play and Learn!”

Past events

Contribution of Egypt towards the International Year of Biodiversity during the first 6 months (January-June 2010). Report

Opening of the International Year of Biodiversity in Egypt
3-7 March 2010: At the formal opening of the International Year of Biodiversity, Egypt held celebrations at the Regional Biodiversity Hurghada Camp for youth and children. The tree-planting event comprised several days of activities ranging from preparation to cleaning the areas to be planted. Participants planted 750 trees in two areas in Hurghada City, while over 200 people planted Gazwalina, Vegas and Neem trees. Read the full report. See the pictures.

Egypt for North Africa second celebration: Let’s Take Care of Egypt
2-3 April 2010: The national conference, Lets Take Care of Egypt. We had the vision of bringing together more than 250 young people from schools and universities all around Egypt to learn and share their experience about maintaining environment, and especially biodiversity. Read more. See the pictures.

Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
10 May 2010: GBO3 was launched in Nairobi, Kenya, during the SBSTTA/WGRI meetings of the Convention on Biological Diversity. A parallel event was held in Egypt at the Cairo House Ministry of Environment, in Cairo city. GBO3 Action Plan - GBO3 Press Release.

State of Biodiversity in Africa
10 May 2010: Along with GBO3, the regional summary entitled "State of Biodiversity in Africa" was also launched.

International Day for Biodiversity
22 May 2010: In cooperation with EEAA and Alexandria Library, NCS contributed to the celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity.

  World Environment Day at Bibliotheca Alexandria
27 May 2010: The Ceremony was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the World Bank Public Information Center (PIC) at the BA Depository Library as well as the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, the National Council of Youth and Sport, and Alexandria University, under the auspices of the Governor of Alexandria General Adel Labib. Read the articles (in Arabic)

  Biodiversity: Play and Learn!”
Exhibition from 9- 24 November 2010, Egypt

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has released an article relating to the International Year of Biodiversity. – Please click here to view the article (in Arabic).