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National Celebrations

Célébration au Liban de l'Année Internationale de la biodiversité.

Shouf Biosphere Reserve
Environmental Highlights:
  • Some of the highest mountains in the Middle East, providing a full wealth of ecosystem services including wild genes pool, freshwater storage, climate mitigation, hydro-geologic balance, and aesthetic/leisure value
  • The largest stands of Lebanese Cedars, one of the World’s great tree icons
  • Rich flora and plenty of medicinal plants with high potential economic value
  • Interesting wildlife with a good potential for restoration through the reintroduction of charismatic species such as Ibex, Gazelle, Vultures, etc
  • A crossroads for bird migration, strategically located on the routes between Europe, Africa, and West Asia

Our awareness campaign for this year is under the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity. The poster for the campaign has been designed with school teachers and students.

The campaign includes:

  1. Rally for Nature (sportive environmental activities for the schools that surrounding the Shouf Biosphere Reserve).
  2. A workshop for the school teachers
  3. A competition in the schools (drawings and stories about biodiversity features, threats, etc)

Also, an exhibition in Italy was held on 24-29 May 2010, the campaign logo was added on the tickets of one party of the Beiteddine International Festival

Dates and VenueEvent
21 May 2010
International Biodiversity Day at AUB
5 June 2010
World Environment Day 2010 Celebration
3 July 2010
Beiteddine International Festival
  Awareness campaign for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity in Lebanon
The poster has been designed by school teachers and students.

The Garden Show & Spring Festival
Edition N°7 - l'art de vivre au jardin 25-29 May 2010 Beirut Hippodrome

  Awareness campaign for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity in Lebanon / Organized by Shouf Biosphere Reserve
The campaign includes: