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National Celebrations

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Dates and VenueEvent
22 May - 30 November 2010
Nature through the lens: Biodiversity of Apuseni Mountains // Photo Contest
7 - 9 June 2010
Lunca de Jos Village
Mountain Hay Meadows Conference / Organized by Pogäny-havas (Pagan Snow Cap) Association
1 - 9 September 2010
High Nature Value grasslands: securing the ecosystem services of European farming post 2013
5 November - 5 December 2010
“Nature through the Lens: Biodiversity of Apuseni Mountains” // Photo Exhibition
  The Biodiversity Picnic in Sibiu
Due to the weather conditions this event was organized in the amphitheater of the Faculty and it was attended by over 80 students belonging to our Faculty but also from the Faculty of Engineering and Nature Protection, professors and local mass-media. They learnt about the International Year of Biodiversity and the International Day of Biodiversity – the messages from the SCBD and the UN Assembly, Wild Nature in Romania – Center Region and Aquila pomarina. All people enjoyed there local water and traditional snakes and during discussions they learned about the essential rules they should apply for eco-tourism. Click here to download the report of this activity.

  “Nature through the Lens: Biodiversity of Apuseni Mountains”
Photo Exhibition, 5th November -5th December 2010, Oradea, Romania - More

  IYB conference on mountain Hay meadows
The themes of the conference included: Creation of the agricultural landscapes of Gyimes and Csik; Hay meadows and their biodiversity; Hay meadow management in practice; Hill farming in a protected landscape, the Convention on Biological Diversity, Local attitudes to meadows: results from social surveys; Putting a value on traditional farming; Local perspective on sustainable rural development; Quality milk production; Adding value to meadow products through food and tourism.

Past Events

22 May 2010 - International Day for Biodiversity
In celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity EarthVoice Romania focused on awakening curiosity and interest in young children on the importance of biodiversity. Various activities aimed at encouraging recycling and forest and land conservation were put on at the Botanical Gardens. It was the hope of organizers that these children would learn to love and protect the biodiversity found in their region and in turn pass this message on to their family and neighbours. Read more.


Carpathian Danubian Centre for Geoecology

Carpathian Danubian Centre for Geoecology (CCDG) is a non-guvernamental and non-profit organization since 1992, full member of Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) since 2006, fully implementing four of its programmes: Blue Flag, Eco-Schools, Learning about Forests (LeAF) and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE). The organisation encourages the schools from Romania to organize various environment awareness projects and find solutions to conserve biodiversity.

Earthvoice Romania

EarthVoice Romania (EVR) is a professional non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1993 through Court Decision with number 33/PJ. It is member of HSUS (The Humane Society of the United States) and member of IUCN (The World Conservation Union).

EVR’s mission is to implement the scientific, teaching and management products into different social, economic and decision-making sectors. EVR is working as catalyst for operating, at national scale, the new model of development aimed to assure the social and ecological security.

PAN Parks Foundation

PAN Parks welcomes the declaration of the International Year of Biodiversity as we also look to the opportunities triggered by natural succession and ecosystem dynamics to protect global biodiversity. In PAN Parks Wilderness areas, the priority is protecting ecosystem dynamics and supporting the protection of biodiversity - ecosystem dynamics link.

Many examples of this could be provided so a page on our website will be devoted to providing a collection of case studies, interviews, articles on the relation of wilderness and biodiversity and the PAN Parks efforts to protect biodiversity through wilderness protection.