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  2010 International Year of Biodiversity - Thank you all for participating
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  2010 International Year of Biodiversity
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  Video Message from the United Nations Secretary-General

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  Love. Not Loss.
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  Video Message from the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme
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  Video Message from Monique Barbut, CEO of GEF on the International Year of Biodiversity

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  Video Message from Edward Norton, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity
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  Video Message from MISIA, Honorary Ambassador for the tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10)
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  Gisele invites the world to take action for Biodiversity
Watch on Youtube (with English subtitles) or go to Gisele Bündchen's blog

  Gisele apresenta segundo vídeo da série Biodiversidade
Youtube ou ir no blog da Gisele Bündchen
English version

  Gisele apresenta penúltimo vídeo da série Biodiversidade
Intitulado Inspirando Exemplos
Youtube ou ir no blog da Gisele Bündchen
English version

  Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
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  The GEF - a green player at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa
Watch on GEF website or Youtube
To learn more about GEF initiatives to the greening world events read the latest publication "Greening Opportunities at World Events"

  Public Service Announcement
A short clip on the International Year of Biodiversity by CBD & GEF. This video was screened in South Africa during FIFA World Cup.
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  Traditional Knowledge
A short animation about the protection of Traditional Knowledge of Indigenous and Local Communities.
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  International Year of Biodiversity
PSA broadcast on CNN International.
Watch on Youtube - Short version
Download mov: 15 sec version - 30 sec version - 60 sec version
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Earth's Frontiers - CNN News   The biodiversity debate
Earth's Frontiers - CNN News

  Zoos and Conservation
European Association of Zoos & Aquaria (EAZA)
Watch on Youtube or on EAZA's channel

  Spanish Biodiversity
Watch on Youtube or download wmv (15MB)
spot destrucción de habitat / spot especies invasoras / spot radio / poster

  Variety is Life - How the seed sector protects biodiversity
International Seed Federation (ISF)
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  Biodiversity song
Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Nagoya
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  The Story Of Food
USC Canada - Special mention prize in the category of Best Short Film at the 7th edition of International Audiovisual Festival of Biodiversity!
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  Biodiversity and Climate Change
Download MPG: ar - en - es - fr - ru - zh
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  Nature Our Precious Web
Ten years after Rio, the community of states reaffirmed this commitment by agreeing on the 2010 Biodiversity Target, with seven focal areas. Making use of pictures produced by renowned photographers from the feature magazine GEO, this exhibition provides a sensuous experience of what the 2010 Biodiversity Target is about.
Read more about this exhibition.
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  Mdd tv: Déchets en mer
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  Podcasts - Balado biodiversité (français)
  1. La biodiversité... en ville?
  2. Cultiver... la ville!
  3. Apprendre la vie... en ville!
  4. Rafraichir la ville!
  5. L'aménagement urbain, c'est naturel!

Download mpg (73 MB) or watch on Youtube

  Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO, PUMA announces partnership with UNEP
Watch on Youtube

  Angela Cropper, Deputy Executive Director, UNEP on the International Year of Biodiversity
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  Samuel Eto'o, Captain of Cameroon's national football team
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  Action Now for Life on Earth: A Video
Download SWF
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  Biodiversity: My hotel in action - the video
A video designed to make the hotel industry more aware of the importance of biodiversity has been launched by IUCN, in partnership with Accor, the European leader in hotels.
Watch on IUCN's website

  Germany's celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity, 22 May 2010
Watch on Germany's IDB2010 website

  Launch of International Year of Biodiversity in Scotland
Watch on Youtube

  Message by BirdLife's CEO, Dr Marco Lambertini
Watch on BirdLife's website or watch on Youtube

The true story of Charles Darwin

  Robbie the Reindeer and relatives
5th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal, Montpellier, 13-18 June 2010 (website) or
Watch on Youtube

  Earth is a Biodiverse Place
A two minute digital story to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity.

  The SilverlightShow Eco Contest
The SilverlightShow Eco Contest where the winner in the Community Vote was Biodiversity 2010! The author Cigdem Patlak. Please, click on the title to watch the full version of this video.

  Celebration, World Environment Day - Peru
Watch on Youtube

  Defending Diversity
Seeds of Survival (USC – Canada)
Watch on Vimeo

  Biodiversity Foundation - Fundación Biodiversidad
Talk about Biodiversity. Habla de Biodiversidad.
Watch it on Youtube

Based on the Action Days in Peru (aprox. 25 min., ©PDRS-GTZ)
Watch on Vimeo

Created by Vancouver Film School students Amanda Healey, Jesse Lang, Juan Carlos Arenas and Roberta Ramalho through the VFS Digital Design program.
Watch it on Youtube - Version française (sous-titres)

  WWF vice-president Jason Clay: "How big brands can help save biodiversity"

  Biodiversity Week
El Hoyo de Manzanares Town Council - Spain
Watch it on Youtube

  Flash Mob for the Biodiversity
By The Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra – Portugal
Watch it on Youtube

  International Trailer of the Science Film Festival 2010
The Science Film Festival is an official partner of the UN International Year of Biodiversity 2010 and takes place from November 16 - 30 in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.
Watch it on Youtube

  Bevara och skydda Vargen !
Save and protect the Wolf campaign – Sweden
Watch on Dailymotion

  Montpellier - Fête de la biodiversité
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  Montpellier - Fête de la biodiversité
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  The Forbidden forests of the Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia
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  Pastures for the future in Kyrgyzstan
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  Fighting carbon with fire, Arnhem Land, Australia
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  Land is Breath: respecting nature in Altai, Russia
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  The Last Blue Wilderness
Community-based short film made in partnership with indigneous peoples of the Pacific region on traditional knowledge and Biodiversity
Watch on Vimeo

  Making Connections - Montana Natural History Center
This is a promotional piece produced for the Montana Natural History Center's annual auction
Watch on Vimeo

  Open Space
This piece was created for the Sonoran Institute. It addresses the issue of rampant development of one of the West's most valuable assets, open space, which serves as a community's agricultural base and wildlife habitat
Watch on Vimeo

This is a short film we produced for MT Audubon about the impact oil & gas development has on sage grouse, a species recently warranted for listing under the Endangered Species Act
Watch on Vimeo

  BurlingtonGreen 2010 'Imprints' Youth Eco-Conference
On October 28, 2010, 300 students from 23 different schools converged on the Royal Botanical Gardens to participate in this interactive, biodiversity-themed day of discovery, inspiration and action. Watch on Youtube

  Smiles for Peace and Biodiversity
Koji Mizutani talks about the Merry Project.
Watch on Youtube

International Year of Biodiversity basic presentation   The International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Basic presentation with footnotes

en - es - es (pdf) - fr

Macroworld by Patryk Majchrzak Spirit of the bottle by Alex Marttunen Banana Slug Dining by Anthony Avellano   See the Bigger Picture
Biodiversity through the eyes of children and youth

Being an educational programme on biodiversity for children and youth, The Green Wave offers families, children and youth a way to join the International Year of Biodiversity celebrations and to work together to safeguard life on Earth.

As a way to increase public understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on Earth and to highlight the role that children and youth, citizens, communities and countries have in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, The Green Wave, Airbus and National Geographic launched a children’s international biodiversity photo competition in June 2009. The contest, named “See the Bigger Picture”, encouraged young people to engage in nature and consider the global loss of biodiversity. Managed by National Geographic, the competition drew more than 2,500 entries from budding photographers in 99 countries.

On December 4th 2009, eight winning photos were chosen from entries from children in countries across the world who took inspiration from surrounding nature for their unique shots. A further 20 young people received honourable mention for their impressive entries. To view the winning entries honourable mentions, visit

PPS version (43MB)
PDF version (8MB)

  Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Engagement campaign

Blogs from around the world

Lights of Africa   Africa (English)
Lights of Africa - A Media Expedition Through Africa
By Haroldo Castro, an award-winning video director and producer, a photographer, a journalist and a communications strategist, and Mikael Castro, an anthropologist, communicator, and ecotourism-expert, passionate for conservation and travel.

Viajologia   Africa (Português)
Viajologia - Viajando com Haroldo Castro
Haroldo Castro possui três paixões: contar estórias com fotos e crônicas, estar na natureza e viajar intensamente.

  Australia (English)
homage to the seed – generator of life
By Sophie Munns.

Guz Leonisky’s Blog   Australia (English)
It’s our ethical duty to stop our destruction of species. – BIODIVERSITY IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY

Tangle of Life   Autralia (English)
Tangle of Life
By Mary Gardner, a biologist and a writer, she teaches at a local community college in Byron Bay, Australia. This blog is to help raise awareness about concepts and issues in biodiversity.
The blog uses social media and online discussions in getting the message out about the wealth of the world in the kingdoms of life. The blog features introductory articles, photos and links to showcase each kingdom. Also, Ebooks, with over 80 stories and over 300 photos, help readers glimpse biodiversity as a whole. .

Instituto EcoFaxina   Brazil (Português)
Blog written by the Instituto EcoFaxina

Desarrollo rural lanzarote Blog   Canary Islands (Español)
Desarrollo rural lanzarote Blog
Por el desarrollo sostenible de los pueblos

Grassnest's Blog   India (English)
Grassnest's Blog

Mini Darwin’s Blog   Italy (English)
Mini Darwin’s Blog

Mini Darwin in Amazzonia by Paola Catapano

New England Aquarium   Kiribati and Phoenix Islands Blog (English)
Blog written by the New England Aquarium

Les ciències en el broch   Spain (español)
Les ciències en el broch
By Ignasi Nebort & Pilar Safont

Window to Nature   Sri Lanka (English)
Window to Nature – The Weekly Environmental Diary by Malaka Rodrigo

Planète Photos   Switzerland (Français)
Planète Photos
Par Haykel EZZEDDINE, pourfendeur des contradictions et chasseur d’images publie un blog super sympa sur sa ville multiculturelle et son célèbre Jet d’eau. Il livre très régulièrement un regard en coin sur les rues de Genève. De la locale vivante. Planète Photos a été désigné meilleur blog de 2009 de la blogosphère Tribune de Genève.

Eco Question   Thailand (English)
Eco Question - Green Space for Thinking

Natures Whispers   United Kingdom (English)
Natures Whispers
By Jasmine

Abstract City Blog   USA (English)
Abstract City Blog -
By Christoph Niemann

The WILD Foundation Blog   USA (English)
The WILD Foundation - "Talking" Wild

  The i2P Amazon Expedition
The i2P Amazon Expedition team is assembling to depart for Brazil. There are 108 schools in six countries and a total of 15,266 students registered to follow the expedition!

  The Edmonton and Area Land Trust
A conservancy focused on protecting natural areas and landscapes in our boreal/parkland region, for their biodiversity, habitat, health, EGS, aesthetic and other values.

  Celebrating Singapore's BioDiversity!
This blog hopes to do just this by featuring news, events, articles and other information about our biodiversity.

Search for Bird Species
Through this search you can look for information on all birds of the world. You can find information on a particular species or sets of species by specifying a number of different search criteria. You can select species by either picking a family (listed in taxonomic order), entering free text for a genus, species or common name Go to the website.

Argentina inland waters fishes Database
  • Includes information based on published works, abstracts of scientific meetings and collections.
  • Contains more than 11,500 records.
  • Displays the precision associated with the geographic position of records.
  • Provides possibilities for viewing and searching on interactive maps.
  • Available in Spanish
  • It is free!!!

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences launched the species register,, an online and illustrated inventory of all species living in Belgium.

  366 gestes pour la biodiversité
(Belgique - in French and Dutch only)
Vous aimez observer les plantes dans la rue et vous promener dans la nature (en restant sur les sentiers bien sûr!) ? Vous mangez de préférence des fruits et légumes de saison? En hiver, vous nourrissez les oiseaux tous les jours? Après les fêtes, vous recyclez votre sapin de Noël et les bouchons de liège des bouteilles?

Sans le savoir, vous faites déjà beaucoup pour la biodiversité. Des gestes quotidiens souvent très simples comme ceux-là suffisent à protéger les richesses de la nature.

Et des gestes, il y en a beaucoup… au moins un par jour!