Becoming a Partner for the International Year of Biodiversity

Safeguarding biodiversity is a task that calls for the active involvement of all citizens. We need your assistance and partnership to communicate with the world. Partners to the International Year of Biodiversity have made a commitment to promote the Year in their activities and communications during 2010.

We are looking to partner with organizations that work at the international level who do work related to safeguarding biodiversity, who would like to publicise their activities through the website.

If you become a partner you would be agreeing to do the following;

  • use the logo and messages in your biodiversity work in 2010;
  • name a focal point who can brief the world on your activities;
  • Provide an outline of your activities for 2010, for publication on this website;
  • Contribute success stories to this website
  • Make your information products available to the world for distribution and dissemination at no additional cost.

We also invite you to be in touch with national committees for the International Year of Biodiversity for partnership opportunities closer to home.

If you wish to become a partner, please send us an email with:

  1. Link to your website (ideally featuring the International Year of Biodiversity);

  2. Name and full contact details of your organisation and contact person;

  3. Short description (~100 words in English, and if possible, in your own language);

  4. Short outline of your activities and products for the Year.

    Or fill the partnership form and send it by email to

  5. Please attach a small logo of your oganisation so we can post it on this website.