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International Year of Biodiversity Brochure   International Year of Biodiversity Brochure
An overview of the celebrations and activities.

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Global Biodiversity Outlook 3   Global Biodiversity Outlook 3
en - es - fr - ru - zh - ar - pt

IDB 2010 Booklet   Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation
International Day for Biological Diversity 2010

Recognizing the Role of Biodiversity for Human well-being.
en - es - fr

Gincana 7   Gincana
High-level magazine

Messages from Heads of State, Presidents, Ministers, CEOs, etc.

  All Lives Are Linked
What’s Biodiversity?
A manga comic book by the Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee, Artist: Yukiyoshi Tokoro. Manga reads from right to left.
en - es - jp

  Satoyama - CBD Flagship magazine

Sustaining Life on Earth   Sustaining life on Earth
How the Convention on Biological Diversity promotes nature and human well-being.
The natural environment provides the basic conditions without which humanity could not survive...
languages: en - es - fr

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity   The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
TEEB is an initiative to draw attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity and the costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.

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  The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Reducing the Environmental Risks of Modern Biotechnology

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Tunza Vol 8, No 1   Tunza, Volume 8, No 1, June 2010
2010 International Year of Biodiversity

Tunza Vol 8, No 1: en - es - fr
Tunza Vol 7, No 3: en - es - fr
more Tunza

EEA Signals 2010   Biodiversity, Climate Change and You
European Environment Agency Signals 2010

bv news   bv news
Biodiversity news for naturalists (in Spanish)

No 1; low res (2M) - high res (10M)
No 2; low res (2M) - high res (10M)
No 3; low res (2M) - high res (20M)
No 4; low res (5M) - high res (30M)

  La Biodiversité, un atout vital pour l’Europe
Biodiversity, a vital asset for Europe

(bilingual en-fr)

State of Biodiversity in Africa   State of Biodiversity in Africa

  Landscape and nature conservation in Thuringia
(In German)

To read other issues of Naturfreudin, visit
(In German)

  La conservazione ex situ della biodiversità delle specie vegetali spontanee e coltivate in Italia

  The colours of the Black Sea
By Lyubomir Andreev
(In Bulgarian and English)

  The Ontario Biodiversity Council
In recognition of the International Year of Biodiversity, The Ontario Biodiversity Council has produced three reports in 2010

  Biodiversity 2010 - Protected Areas in Uruguay
(Spanish only)
The Newspaper "El Pais" of Montevideo made a publication about the International Year of Biodiversity as the first of a large series of publications on Protected Areas in Uruguay.

  Itinerant exposition with lots of posters about the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity that is showing in different parts of Uruguay together with conferences on Biodiversity topics.
(Spanish only)

  Biodiversity – 10 messages for 2010 - Each message provides a short assessment focusing on a specific ecosystem or issue related to biodiversity in Europe. Download:
  1. Climate change and biodiversity
  2. Protected areas
  3. Freshwater ecosystems
  4. Marine ecosystems
  5. Forest ecosystems
  6. Urban ecosystems
  7. Agricultural ecosystems
  8. Mountain ecosystems
  9. Coastal ecosystems
  10. Cultural landscapes and biodiversity heritage

  Zwazo - Nature Seychelles
BirdLife in Seychelles, bi-annual conservation magazine

  Yorkshire Dales National Park
Celebrating the completion of Nature in the Dales, the first local biodiversity action plan for the Yorkshire Dales National Park

  Biodiversity Week - Semana de la Diversidad Biolígica
El Hoyo de Manzanares Town Council - Spain

  Workshop – Report
Small Indigenous Freshwater Fish Species: Their Role in Poverty Alleviation, Food Security and Conservation of Biodiversity

  FN-Magasinet (in Norwegian)
Biodiversity is the main topic in the latest UN Magazine 2/2010.

  Tropical Forest - Update
The International Tropical Timber Organization, in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat, is celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity with a Special Biodiversity Issue of the Tropical Forest Update

  American Paleontologist: Exploring the Tree of Life
The “American Paleontologist” is a magazine of earth science published by the paleontological research institution and its museum of the earth. The Fall 2010 issue features an article (please see page 27) on the International Year of Biodiversity.

  La biodiversité, c’est la vie
Français - Deutsch

  Animal Genetic Resources - an international journal
English – Français – Español

  Adding Value to Livestock Diversity
Marketing to promote local breeds and improve livelihoods - English

  Il valore economico della biodiversità e degli ecosistemi

  BioDiverse Magazine
September 2010

  Variedades de Tradicionales Frutales de la Sierra Norte de Madrid

  Logo and slogan

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Odontocetes: the toothed whales   Convention on Migratory Species
Odontocetes: the Toothed Whales

UNESCO Associated Schools Competition   UNESCO Associated Schools Competition

  World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

  Hello! I’m Tuan. Did you know that biodiversity is life? My teacher said that biodiversity comes from the words “biological” and “diversity.” My classmates and I learned that biodiversity is the variety of life around us – from the smallest ant to the largest whale, from the shallowest swamp to the deepest ocean.

  Help preserve biodiversity, the work of God
Préservons la biodiversité, oeuvre de Dieu

  Biodiversity - Pensare localmente, agire globalmente
Biodiversity - Think locally, act globally
Logo of the event in Reggio Emilia, Italy

  Posters from Iran (zip) - 2010 سال جهانی تنوع زیستی

  Forest Fire Control
The focus of the poster is on forest fire control message for the communities who live along the fringes of the Corbett tiger reserve and Shivalik elephant corridor in Uttarakhand, India.

  Awareness campaign for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity in Lebanon
The poster has been designed by school teachers and students.

  World Environment Day at Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt
The Ceremony is organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the World Bank Public Information Center (PIC) at the BA Depository Library as well as the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, the National Council of Youth and Sport, and Alexandria University, under the auspices of the Governor of Alexandria General Adel Labib.

  International Day of Biodiversity 2010 in Slovakia.

  Biodiversidad Mediterránea

  Biodiversity Week, Ireland

  Three cartoons for the International Year of Biodiversity (UK)
by artist Rory McCann
en - es

  Nature Through the Lens: Biodiversity of the Apuseni Mountains
Photo contest organized by the "Friends of the Tarii Crisurilor Museum Association Oradea" in partnership with the "Tarii Crisurilor Museum" and the "Apuseni Nature Park Administration", Romania

  Awareness campaign for the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity in Zaragoza devoloped by El Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – Spain.
More information in Spanish can be found by visiting the following site:

  Per una zootecnia sostenibile.
The 5th edition of Mangiasano National Day will be realised, the 22th of May, across Italy (about 50 different activities), as promotion of International Year of Biodiversity.

  Planeta Sustentavel - Brazil

  Plant Conservation Day
Let's celebrate Neem Tree the Tree of Sindh - Pakistan

  World Environment Day celebration – Brazil.

  World Environment Day – International Year of Biodiversity Celebration, Uganda

  Information days on elms - Spain

  The one manifests as the many, the formless putting on forms (Rig Veda) - India

  Science Film Festival
More information about this festival can be found by visiting the following site: Goethe-Institut Bangkok
Download: Catalogue - Poster - Notebook - Postcard

  Have you ever realized the value of variety of life on earth for mankind?
International Symposium on “Biodiversity is Our Life” - Pakistan

  Curso de Introdução à Primatologia
Brazil. For more information, please visit: Instituto ORBIS

  Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - MARENA

  A biodiversidade da Serra Gaúcha se exibe
This exhibition will take place at the Universidade de Caxias do Sul from September 15th - 30th.

  Journée de la biodiversité à PIERREVERT - France
Le 6 juin 2010, Chapelle ST Patrice

  A series of brochures were published in Arabic for the general public. This one is entitled - "Biodiversity - an essential for continuity for life on earth" - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Brochure entitled "Biodiversity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - reality and challenges" - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Brochure for the workshop on "Women and the Environment" - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Flyer for the Workshop on Environment Education for Teachers and Educational Supervisors in the Eastern Province - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Flyer for the Workshop on Combating Invasive Plant Species - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  I Jornadas de Gestão da Predação - Portugal

  Celebration of International Day for Reduction of Natural Disaster - India

  Biodiverisidad y Economía Ambiental – Colombia

  Biodiversidad y Genómica en Colombia

  Biodiversidad y sus enemigos – Colombia

  Biodiversidad y la mezcla genética ancestral – Colombia

  Biodiversidad y Economía Ambiental – Colombia

  Biodiversidad en un país megadiverso – Colombia

  Biodiversidad en un país megadiverso – Colombia

  Biodiversidad, naturaleza y conservación en el siglo XXI – Colombia

  Biodiversidad, sustentabilidad y cambio climático – Colombia

  Head Harbour Passage, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

  Biodiversity: Play and Learn!”
Exhibition from 9- 24 November 2010, Egypt

  “Nature through the Lens: Biodiversity of Apuseni Mountains”
Photo Exhibition, 5th November -5th December 2010, Oradea, Romania

National Park, Mexico

  24 heures de biodiversité - Canada

  2° Encuentro Regional de Educación Ambiental - Chile

  Exhibición itinerante sobre la Biodiversidad - Chile


News from BirdLife

Le Centre sur la biodiversité de l'Université de Montréal ouvre ses portes!
Source: UdeMNouvelles, 10 March 2011.

Wildlife: A silent flood victim
Source: Window to Nature, 15 January 2011.

Extreme weather: Are we prepared?
Source: Window to Nature, 15 January 2011.

Global biodiversity crisis and priorities in Indian plant systematics
Source: Grassnest, 10 December 2010.

Keep Earth & Environment Pure for Future.
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, November 2010.

A Table from the Sea’s Edge
Source: Window to Nature, 15 November 2010.

Saying hello to our jumbo friends
Source: Window to Nature, 14 November 2010.

COP10 – The Biodiversity Knowledge Fair
Source: Window to Nature, 8 November 2010.

Keep Earth & Environment Pure for Future.
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, October 2010.

Call for new biodiversity targets
Source: The Sunday Times, 31 October 2010.

Meeting the challenges of biodiversity loss
Source: Window to Nature, 31 October 2010.

Nagoya Biodiversity Summit Ends Successfully
Source: Window to Nature, 29 October 2010.

Séance d’information pour la biodiversité
Source: Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine, 26 October 2010.

CBD COP10 Begins in Nagoya
Source: Window to Nature, 24 October 2010.

Le centre sur la biodiversité facilitera les échanges entre les chercheurs
Source : La Revue: Les Diplômés (Université de Montréal), Fall 2010.

Le savoir traditionnel à la rescousse de la biodiversité
Source : La Revue: Les Diplômés (Université de Montréal), Fall 2010.

Las propuestas de Cochabamba van a Cancun (In Spanish)
Source: Comunicado del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, October 2010.

Special International Year of Biodiversity Issue
Source: Periodic Elements from the College of Science, George Mason University, Fall 2010.

Back to roots: Quest for our local Ala – bathala
Source: Window to Nature, 19 October 2010.

Code RED for Biodiversity
Source: Diversitas - An International Programme of Biodiversity Science, 14 October 2010.

Proyecto de Implementación del Primer “Centro de Educación Ambiental para la Interpretación de la Naturaleza y Estudio de la Biodiversidad” (in Spanish)
Source: Gobierno Departamental Autónomo Santa Cruz, October 2010.

Fashion show promotes ‘recycle & reuse’ drive
Source: Qatar Tribune, 12 October 2010.

Filipino Cultural Centre to host fashion show on biodiversity
Source: Qatar Tribune, 8 October 2010.

Biodiversity for Ethnic Harmony
Source: Window to Nature, 7 October 2010.

Independent opinions of Academicians on biodiversity
Source: Institut de France, Académie des sciences, September 2010.

New Website Celebrates Biodiversity of High Park
Source: High Park Nature, 21 September 2010.

Conférence de presse et pique-nique
Source: Partenaires du Parc Écologique de l'Archipel de Montréal, 11 septembre 2010.

Bienfaisantes tisanes
Source: L’Express Dimanche, 5 September 2010.

“Milan: no more words – take action”
Source: Dal Dire al Fare, Newsletter September 2010.

Naturaleza e arte (In Portuguese)
Source: INHOTIM, August 2010.

Endangered to Extinct: America Turns Her Back on Biodiversity
Source: Earth Elegies, 21 August 2010.

14-Year-Old Chinese Girl Beats 3.2 Million Rivals
Source: Business Wire, 17 August 2010.

The real butterfly effect: destroying nature will ruin economies and cultures, pleads UN
Source: The Guardian, 17 August 2010.

CNN International's Earth's Frontiers' Debate
Source: CNN: Earth’s Frontiers, 17 August 2010.

Church bells ring to highlight toll of biodiversity
Source: Church of England, 10 August 2010.

Lanka’s central highlands win heritage battle
Source: Window to Nature, 7 August 2010.

A pilot network of flora and fauna microreserves on dry stone walls 2010
Source: Happy Stones, July 2010. Update.
Source: Update, July 2010.

Keep Earth & Environment Pure for Future.
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, July 2010.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Celebrate the “International Year of Biodiversity”.
Source: disZine, 27 July 2010.

On the roof of Iran - Mount Damavand (5671 m)
Source: Environment Friends Club from SRTTU, 26 July 2010.

Município roconhece Reserva Particular como Patrimônio Ambiental.
Source: Jornal O NACIONAL, 20 July 2010.

International conference on biodiversity held in Azerbaijan's Gabala town
Source:, 8 July 2010.

Cities to get biodiversity index.
Source: The Straits Times, 3 July 2010.

Restoring Biodiversity One Island At A Time
Source: New Zealand Aid Programme, June 2010.

Gisele Bündchen Stresses the Importance of Protecting Earth’s Natural Resources in support of the International Year of Biodiversity.
Source: UNEP Brazil Office, 30 June 2010.

Keep Earth & Environment Pure for Future.
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, June 2010.

O momento de agir tem que ser agora!
Source: Jornal A Região, 15 June 2010 (PT).

NHD Hosts Activities To Mark International Year For Biodiversity.
Source: BGISMEDIA, 11 June 2010.

Breakthrough in International Year of Biodiversity as Governments Give Green Light to New ‘Gold Standard’ Science Policy Body.
Source: IPBES, 11 June 2010.

Biodiversity Snapshots Competition
Source: The Herald, 9 June 2010.

Meet the Moon Moth
Source: Window to Nature, 5 June 2010.

Lagoon Day kicks off National Environment Week 2010
Source: The Herald, 26 May 2010.

Cook Islands celebrates Year of Biodiversity
Source: The Herald, 26 May 2010.

Keep Earth & Environment Pure for Future.
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, May 2010.

Running for Biodiversity: Record-breaking Run.
Source: USC Canada. Canada, May 2010.

Jour de la Terre à Sainte-Martine.
Source: Dioèse de Valleyfield. Canada, May 2010.

22 de mayo: Día Internacional de la Diversidad Biológica.
Source: Fundación la Tortuga. Venezuela, May 2010.

Cherishing Trinidad and Tobago’s biological diversity.
Source: The Guardian Online Edition, 23 May 2010.

All invited to Biodiversity Day celebrations today
Source: Solomon Star, 21 May 2010.

Quand les tisanes « granmer » font recette
Source: L’Express Dimanche, 20 May 2010.

Convocatoria Ambiental 2010, Negocios para la Conservación - Términos de referencia.
Source: Fondo para la acción ambiental y la niñez, May 2010.

Update on National Committee for IYB.
Source: Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, 20 May 2010.

World celebrates biodiversity.
Source: ARKive, 20 May 2010.

L'horloge (re)fleurie et roule pour la biodiversité
Source: Tribune de Genève, 18 May 2010.

Biannual newsletter. Inside this issue: Flora of the Kalahari, Kuzikus’ reptile life, News in brief from camp and more.
Source: Biological Research in Kuzikus, May 2010.

La 19e Corvée du Mont-Royal est un grand succès ! - « On est attaché à notre montagne » : plus vrai que jamais ! (French). Source : Les amis de la montagne. 4 May 2010

Species at Risk in Canada Increase in 2010 - The International Year of Biodiversity.
Source : Committee on The Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. 3 May 2010.

Cork ReHarvest - Cork Recycling Movement.
Source: Whole Food Market, April 2010.

Experience nature with our nature guides
Source: Naturpark Thüringer Schiefergebirge, Germany, 29 April 2010.

International Year of Biodiverity Brazil, The regional launch in Carazho (in Portuguese)
Source: Diario da Manha, Brazil, 17-18 April 2010.

Source: Kidy Swissfamily, Czech Republic, April 2010.

Boletín Bimensual sobre Biodiversidad – Número 8.
Source: Coordinación de Comunicación Interna y Externa MRE - Dirección de Asuntos Económicos Sociales y Ambientales, Colombia, March - April 2010.

Monitoring and Conservation of Important Sea Turtle Feeding Grounds in Albania
Source: GEF Global Environment Facility, 29 March 2010.

Press Release: Secretary-General's Message for Earth Hour The United Nations
Source: United Nations, USA, 27 March 2010.

AMA Promove a campanha “2010: Ano Internacional da Biodiversidade”
Source: Diário da Manhã, 26 March 2010.

23ª edição do Natureza e arte (in Portuguese)
Source: Sala Verde Inhotim, March 2010.

Let's conserve biodiversity for better life
Source: e-tALk.! NEWSLETTER, March 2010.

CWF and Chalk Art Festival Celebrate Biodiversity
Source: Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canada, 24 March 2010.

1,000,000 tress - Pine Rivers Shire Community Nursery
Source: Kumbartcho Sanctuary, Australia, 22 March 2010.

Biodiversity is Our Life
Source: Science Magazine, Switzerland, 12 March 2010.

Airbus A380 flies the flag for the International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Source:, by Marcel van Leeuwen, 5 March 2010.

Biodiversity, We cannot afford its loss
Source: Air India in-flight magazine Namaskaar, March 2010.

La lettre de la biodiversité - n°1 - Spécial Zones humides
Source: Le Conservatoire du Littoral, France, February 2010.

Global News Network to feature Year of Biodiversity 2010
Source: Asean Center for Biodiversity (ACB), February 2010.

Article on the International Day of Wetlands (in Spanish).
Source: Olympus Tours, February 2010.

Bush blitz launch of Australian nature discovery mission
Source: Ministry for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, 15 February 2010.

El Águila Real, símbolo Nacional, el peligro
Source: Olympus Tours, Mexico, 13 February 2010.

Dr. Djoghlaf Message to the citizens of the world
Source: UN MultiMedia, UN, 10 February 2010.

Dr. Djoghlaf Interview
Source: UN MultiMedia, UN, 10 February 2010.

Fashion show in Geneva about Biodiversity
Source: UN MultiMedia, UN, 10 February 2010.

Robert Hoft on the Amazon Deforestation
Source: UN MultiMedia, UN, 9 February 2010.

L'extinction des espèces, nouveau défi écolo
By Mathieu Gobeil, La Presse, Canada, 4 February 2010.

World Wetlands Day - 2 February: Ahmed Djoghlaf, Convention on Biological Diversity
Source: MaximsNewsNetwork, 2 February 2010.

Biodiversity is Life – Biodiversity is Our Life
By Marion Di Benedetto, Green Times, Australia, 1 February 2010.

Taking Care of Green Business - Voir la vie en vert, Letter from Calin Rovinescu, President & CEO Air Canada
Source: onAir, Air Canada's in-flight magazine, Canada, January 2010.

Failed Efforts in Protecting Biodiversity
By Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times, USA, 31 January 2010.

‘생물다양성의 해’ 맞아 생물자원 논의 활기 띨 듯
The International Year of Biodiversity will bring forth discussions on biological resources (in Korean)

By 오철우, The Hankyoreh, Korea, 13 January 2010.

Wild Wonders AV-show inaugurates the “UN International Year of Biodiversity 2010”
Source: Wild Wonders of Europe, 13 January 2010.

United Nations to fight species loss
Source: Public service, UK, 12 January 2010.

Do one thing for Biodiversity
Source: Natural History Museum, UK, 12 January 2010.

2010 UN Biodiversity Year: Urgent Action Needed to Preserve Life
Source: YubaNet, Costa Rica, 11 January 2010.

Fashion industry - Preserving natural heritage, encouraging sustainable consumption
Source: Global Arab Network, Algeria, 11 January 2010.

UN to highlight biodiversity in 2010
Source: Sideways News, UK, 11 January 2010.

Expand environmental stewardship payments: NFF
Source: Natural Rural News, UK, 11 January 2010.

Paisley residents urged to get outdoors in 2010
Source: Paisley Daily Express, UK, 11 January 2010.

Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life
Source: European Environment Agency, European Union, 11 January 2010.

UN marks 2010 as Year of Biodiversity
By Ellalyn B. De Vera, Manila Bulletin Websites and Publications, Philippines, 7 January 2010.

Puma and UNEP Announce Strategic Partnership to Support the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity
UNEP Press Release, 6 January 2010.

UN teams up with Puma for biodiversity year ahead of African, World Cups
Source: UN News Centre, 6 January 2010.

Biodiversity loss matters, and communication is crucial. By David Dickson.
Source: SciDev.Net, 5 February 2010.

Biodiversity law could stymie research
Source: Nature Publishing Group (NPG), 4 February 2010.

Young scientists from UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) explore biodiversity
Source: ASPnet - UNESCO, 2 February 2010.

2010 Year of Biodiversity Tries to Rein in Runaway Extinctions
Source: Environment News Service, 4 January 2010.

UN seeking to preserve life in all precious forms in 2010
By Volt Contreras, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2 January 2010.

International Year of Biodiversity 2010
Source: Richa Malhotra Richa Malhotra, India, 2010.

Field Note
Source: WAZA, Japan, 2010.

Start Year ceremony in Berlin, the International Biodiversity
Source: Sanyo Shimbun Newspaper, Japan, 2010.

Failed Efforts in Protecting Biodiversity
Source: New York Times, USA, 2010.

The International Year of Biodiversity–From Talk to Action
Source: School of Government, USA, 2010.

動物園と生物多様性保全 - Biodiversity conservation and the zoo (in Japanese)
Source: Japan Environmental Education Forum, December 2009.

Launch of the International Year of Biodiversity in Montreal
Source: MaximNewsNetwork, 21 October 2009.

School Brochure   UNESCO Associated School Network UN School Brochure
  WAZA's Educational Manual: A guide for zoo and aquarium educators, teachers and environmentalists. A resource about biodiversity in support of the International Year of Biodiversity, 2010 and beyond.

Recent issue of the Bush Telegraph magazine focuses on biodiversity and its importance in the environment.
It's Time to Identify: an identification booklet, aimed at children and adults, about the Namid Desert
Read more.

  Worksheet on the International Year of Biodiversity - How many species are there on Earth?
©Pearson Education Ltd 2010. For more information about the Pearson Baccalaureate series please visit

Wat is eigenlijk biodiversiteit? Geschikt voor alle leerlingen op school vanaf ongeveer groep 5! Werkboek te downloaden! Klik hier voor een kijkje in het boek !
Voor dit gratis werkboek over de biodiversiteit zijn ook alle antwoorden beschikbaar. Het enige dat u hoeft te doen, is een mailtje sturen naar vanaf uw eigen e-mailadres. U krijgt dan het uitgebreide antwoordenboekje opgestuurd.

  El cuidado del ambiente, una responsabilidad de todos (in Spanish – 24 mb)
Authors: María Ripa de Marconi, Karen Veizaga Abularach. TROPICO


  Logo and messages

6 official UN languages:
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Artworks from all around the world

Two poems by Omkar M. Khandpekar, 10 years, Maharashtra, India: Environment - Life of the Tree

Green and me... - Text by Alex Mutua, Kenya.

  Sri Ramachandra - Divine Spirit of Nature
The Living Planet Foundation has commissioned a series of paintings to honour the International Day for Biodiversity.
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscription: Let us adore the Lord of Life, who is present in fire, water, plants and trees. Shvetashvatara Upanishad, II, 17

  Siva: The Divine Nature Within
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscriptions: The earth seems to rest in silent meditation;
and the waters and the sky and the heavens seem all to be in meditation."
"On Earth, those who reach greatness achieve it through concentration."

  Ganga: Goddess of the Sacred Rivers
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscription: I am the shark among fishes, and Ganga among the rivers. Bhagvad Gita

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