Ninth Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity 2019

Date 2019.07.02 - 2019.07.05
Address ,Trondheim, (map)

Nature is dynamic and interconnected, and so too must be the solutions we develop.

I am pleased to report to you that the issue of biodiversity is moving where it deserves to be: at the centre
of the global agenda and inextricably linked to climate change, sustainable economic development, health,
food security and so many other critical global issues.

The scientific case for our work has become more clear, convincing and connecting with other
significant findings. Current trends and “business-as-usual” scenarios, for example, show continued loss
of biodiversity, with 1 million species threatened with extinction, with major negative consequences for
human well-being, including changes that may be irreversible.

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This year's conference takes place at a time of rising ecological and climate emergencies, but also renewed efforts to conserve, restore, and sustainably and equitably share nature.

In my speech, I emphasized that we must work together to prepare the way for a