Theme announced for landmark 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference:

Date 2019.09.05
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Theme announced for landmark 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference: "Ecological Civilization: Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth"

We need to reach a transformative turning point, for many interconnected challenges, relating to the loss of biodiversity, climate change, land degradation, food security, human health, among others. We have the tools and the knowledge, but we need greater leadership and political will to take bold action now

The most recent scientific reports from IPBES and IPCC show us whatneeds to be done. At this critical juncture for the planet and people, when we are faced with a planetary emergency, asa global community, we need determined and coherentactions to conserve and protect the remaining areas of intact nature, but also to restore degraded land and habitats to their original state. We needgreater investments and metrics to sustainably use our lands, our forests, ourseas and oceans, our food systems, to name just a few. Above all, we must tackle seriou