BirdLife International

The BirdLife Strategy 2013-2020 is directly linked to, and fully supportive of, the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity. A Memorandum of Understanding with the Convention is a platform for coordination of activities in support of achieving the 20 Aichi Targets. BirdLife Partnership of 121 national organisations is working to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources, is committed to deliver this BirdLife Strategy. BirdLife Strategic Plan is based on the following pillars: 1 Save Species, 2 Conserve Sites and Habitats, 3 Encourage Ecological Sustainability and 4 Empower People for Positive Chang, and provides a comprehensive global framework for achieving the vision of 'Living in Harmony with Nature', including 18 of the 20 headline Aichi Targets (except Targets 13 and 16). CBD Partnerships: BirdLife is a key indicator partner of the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, contributing with dat