Bioversity International

Bioversity International’s Strategy 2014-2024: Bioversity International’s Strategy 2014-2024 is fully supportive of the CBD Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and addresses a broad range of the Aichi Targets with a major focus on Target 13. Bioversity International’s Strategy 2014-2024 will ensure ongoing support to the core pillars of the CBD’s work as well as helping signatory countries meet their obligations and commitments to the Convention SAPM - Strategic Action Plan to strengthen conservation and use of for Mesoamerican plant genetic resources in adapting agriculture to climate change 2014-2024: Bioversity International's SAPM initiative will contribute to the implementation of the CBD in the Americas. Initiatives and projects of Bioversity International support specific Targets as follows. Target 7: Increase of the area of agricultural ecosystems under sustainable management for biodiversity conservation: This will be achieved by developing and adopting sustainable managemen