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  Poloprobio – Brazil
This research institute based in the Brazilian state of Acre has devised a method for the artisanal processing of raw latex obtained from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees, suitable for small-scale production in forest-based communities of indigenous rubber tappers in the Brazilian Amazon. The technology is currently being used at 11 sites across four Brazilian states, benefitting a total of 600 people, including communities from the indigenous Kaxinawá, Shanenawa, Apurinã, and Kaxarari tribes.
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  Cantata para Rio+20 (Cantata for Rio+20)

  João Carlos Martins executa a Cantata em celebração à Rio+20 (João Carlos Martins plays a Cantata in celebration of Rio +20)

  * The Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration and Biodiversity
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18 June 2012
The Japan Pavillion at RIO+20, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
14 - 16 May 2012
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil