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Carbon Neutral

We are an Environmental Charity. Carbon Neutral Charitable fund mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through education and revegetation.

Tree Project

We facilitate partnerships between urban and rural communities to take quantitative and positive environmental action in Victoria by growing provenance based seedlings. We are the support network for volunteers who grow provenance based indigenous seedlings. TreeProject has grown and planted over 2.2 million indigenous trees, shrubs, and grasses across Victoria since 1988.

The majority of our projects involve volunteer growers who propagate and nurture provenance based seedlings. Through this program we are able to make regeneration work affordable by providing low-cost but high quality seedlings to Landcare groups and landholders. Other projects include the organisation of tree planting days and providing learning tools and support to our volunteers and the community that facilitates the growing of healthy seedlings.


‘enviroed4all’ is my website/ business name for my environmental education projects. I might be just one person, living on a working farm, but I have worked in different ways as an environmental educator in schools and the community, in much of my region, the Wimmera, for over 3 decades.

The UNDB ‘living in harmony with Nature’ slogan inspires me to be part of it and the web makes it possible. I can do things for it that will have meaning in my regional environment, encourage others to be a part of these and share these with the like-minded people/groups across the world.