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Instituto Orbis de Proteção e Conservação da Natureza

The Orbis Institute for Nature Protection and Conservation is an environmental NGO from Caxias do Sul, State of Rio Grande do Sul, whose mission is "To integrate human being to the environment to harmonize that coexistence" considering the current distance from Nature by urban people. We work primarily with broad-spectrumenvironmental education and ecological research.

O Instituto Orbis de Proteção e Conservação da Natureza é uma ONG ambientalista de Caxias do Sul, no Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, que tem por missão “Integrar o ser humano ao Meio Ambiente harmonizando essa convivência” haja vista o atual distanciamento da Natureza por parte das pessoas urbanas. Trabalhamos essencialmente com Educação Ambiental de largo espectro e com pesquisa ecológica.

AFG Consultants

The AFG Consultants conducts its business activities with actions and vision for the future, trying to establish their values, the social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. As a responsible company and concerned with the current rates of emissions, and loss of biodiversity on our planet, and their resulting impacts, develop projects aimed at the development and application of methods, techniques and technologies that reduce emissions carbon through the use of renewable and efficient energy, sustainable processes, and with the preservation or restoration of forests. Using the carbon market to support these projects, we developed the design, development, approval, audit, and certification of environmental projects that generate credits or carbon offsets. We act as partners in each project from day one until the last day of duration of each project.