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Royal Botanical Gardens

The objective of the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network (CBCN) is to preserve the biological diversity of Canada's of rare and endangered native plant species, wild habitats and ecosystems through the education and conservation programs

USC Canada

USC Canada was founded in 1945 by Dr Lotta Hitschmanova to provide humanitarian relief to refugees and other victims of human conflict. In the 1950s to 1970s, our work expanded to support newly independent countries in Asia and Africa.

From the late 1980s, USC has been supporting farming communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America through our award-winning Seeds of Survival program. Our approach is grounded in respect for the knowledge and skills that farmers have built up over generations.

We support their struggles to stay on the land, grow more food for their families, while respecting the environment and promoting crop biodiversity.

Le projet Québec-Costa Rica

Une approche intégrée de développement du territoire basée sur les services écosystémiques favorise la conservation de la biodiversité tout en permettant la présence des populations humaines. Le projet Québec-Costa Rica a pour objectifs de développer un S.I.G. de la biodiversité et l’élaboration d’une méthodologie de transfert de techniques, coopération et création de capacités vers la communauté de Gandoca en accord avec les principes de l’Agenda 21 Local. Cette expédition scientifique permet à une équipe d’étudiants du Cégep de l’Outaouais issus de 5 programmes d’études d’intégrer leurs compétences et de mettre en valeur la biodiversité et contribuer à sa conservation.


IKANAWTIKET in Mi’kmaq loosely translates to pathfinder. Sharing our Aboriginal eco-centric world view about interconnectedness, interdependency, and respect for Mother Earth is our work.

IKANAWTIKET promotes respect for our Mother Earth through:
  • education about biodiversity and Aboriginal Peoples;
  • sharing information about opportunities and obstacles for Aboriginal Peoples involvement in biodiversity issues;
  • connecting and linking like-minded individuals;
  • forming partnerships between leaders on issues of conservation, sustainable use, and access & benefit sharing with Aboriginal Peoples; and
  • encouraging the involvement of Aboriginal Peoples to make our voice heard.

Painting a New World

Painting a New World - Peindre un Nouveau Monde (PNMW) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by Agnes and Andre Chatelain.

We believe that art has the power to create positive change for the benefit and sustainability of communities locally and in developing countries.

The principal goals of The Gift of Art project are that students learn about important humanitarian issues and illustrate their creativity on their mural. They then engage local merchants and businesses to sponsor their art work thereby contributing directly to the aid of local and international communities. PNMW is proud to support International mural projects in Africa and Haiti. PNMW provides funding to local initiatives to employ artists to design and paint murals on school walls while engaging and educating children about their environment and future.