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Founded in 2006, Synergiz is a non-profit association which was established under the french law of 1901. Synergiz works for the reconciliation of economic activities with biodiversity and socio-ecosystems.
To do so, we bring a transversal and integrative approach to the socio-ecological projects we undertake.
Since its creation, Synergiz has focused its work on two main themes: "urban ecosystems" and "business and biodiversity."

Global Biodiversity Protection

Conservation, sustainable use and protection of natural resources including plants, animals, mineral deposits, soils, clean water, clean air, and fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Concerned with the world's biodiversity crisis and other enviromental problems. This project comes from the initiative of a team of founders from various professional fields (see our team) annex . All of them understand that given the present alarming trend in terms of potentially irreversible damage to biodiversity, acting today is an emergency.

Association Les Eco Maires

The association of Les Eco Maires has been working for more than twenty years at the promotion of the sustainable development policies of local authorities. As well as being a major actor and a connection between the national organisations (Presidency, Ministries) and local (communities), Les Eco Maires are also actively present on the European and international stages through European programmes and the decentralised collaborations. Biodiversity has always been a priority of Les Eco Maires’ action.

Les Eco Maires are now the French leading network of elected officials and local communities mobilised on environmental issues and sustainable development and one of the leading European networks.

Precursor in terms of policy and methodology, the network has now become a real tool for local authorities who want to meet the dual challenge of "think globally and act locally".

Cybelle Planète

Cybelle Planète is a PARTICIPATIVE ECOLOGY non-profit organisation. The organisation was founded in 2005.We would like to give the opportunity to all to take action for biodiversity. Our activities fall under two axes:

  • Ecovolunteering : an ecologically and socially sustainable way of travelling,
  • Participatives Sciences: the “Cybelle Mediterranee" programme is a website to promote, connect, share initiatives for “BiodiverCity”: Biodiversity in urban area. Seedbomb is a network for people who:

  • Appreciate nature in cities, who takes pictures of it. On seedbomb, they can share places they like
  • Are activists of urban biodiversity: urban farmers, urban beekeepers, guerilla gardeners, green street artists, members of the incredible edible movement, …
    Thanks to, they all can localize their seeds and add pictures. Each member has his own page, where he can share all informations he wants. purpose is to unite, to give visibility, to create desire to act for “BiodiverCity”.