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Russian Federation

Golden Turtle

Annual competition of photos and films of the wild nature spent in Russia. It is the largest cultural ecologic-educational action in Russia. Also, it is one of the most appreciable events in nature protection life of the country.

World Flora Faufa Foundation

The main tasks and goals of the Fund WFF:

  • To gain an understanding of the fact that the global environment is the subject of our universal concern and responsibility.
  • Save the nature for the sake of present and future generations.
  • To achieve optimum sustainable use of natural resources as an important tool for achieving social and economic benefits, thus creating an incentive for their conservation.
  • To promote ecological and rural tourism, manufacturers of eco-products and eco services, healthy way of life, ecological-educational and ecological-educational activities.
  • The development of national environmental media project GREEN RUSSIA for the unification of the society, business and authorities.