United States of America

United States of America

Island Conservation

Island Conservation prevents extinctions by working where the concentration of both biodiversity and species extinction is greatest: islands. By removing one of the greatest threats—invasive alien vertebrates—native island species and ecosystems often can recover with little or no additional intervention. Removing the dominant threat to biodiversity, in the places where the greatest lasting results can be obtained, ensures conservation success across the globe.


This year the 2012 impossible2Possible (i2P) Youth Expedition will be to the incredible continent of Africa!!! i2P will lead 8 Youth Ambassadors on the journey of their lives as they run across some of the most beautiful regions of Botswana. The Youth Ambassadors will relay information back through live video conferencing to thousands of students in classrooms all over the world as they study water, share the experience of ultra running day after day, and learn what it takes to execute an international expedition. This year i2P had partnered with Simon Fraser University to offer an enhanced educational curriculum to classrooms that wish to learn about water issues along with the Youth Ambassadors. The Experiential Learning Program and accompanying Challenge Based learning projects have proven to be extremely successful for teachers and students alike. Enjoy! You can follow the journey along at http://impossible2possible.com

Lyfe Production

Lyfe Production offers a variety of media services for individuals and businesses. In February of 2012 we began sponsoring an Internet Radio Talk Show called "From the Top"The Decade on Biodiversity. This show is dedicated to giving leaders from different countries as well as the business community an opportunity to speak about what they are doing to help the environment and promote biodiversity. Lyfe production has also created the "Musicians for Biodiversity" project. This project will involve musicians from all over the world that want to help bring awareness and encourage action to help the earth recover.

The Bug Chicks

We are entomologists who teach about the amazing diversity of arthropods. We produce free online videos and podcasts that make learning fun for a broad audience and promote public access to science. To inspire a lifelong love of learning, we teach insect biodiversity and conservation workshops at libraries, schools, and community centers. We are research scientists who have provided outreach teaching in areas of East Africa, Central America and the U.S. We are consultants for the Norman Borlaug Institute of International Agriculture where we travel to Guatemala to teach farmers how to reduce their reliance on pesticides and conserve beneficial insects.

African Views

African Views (AV) is a nonprofit organization on a mission is to facilitate mutual understanding and value-based information from an African populist position to the world and from a constructive world view on African issues. The Organization’s program includes workshops and media advocacy - based on dialogues, learning, and action on African development strategies around the world. AV works in collaboration with accomplished professionals, minds and, and organizations from all over the globe advocating for the goals of safe, healthy, and prosperous societies. The AV framework consist of interdependent components such as strategic sharing of information on its AV radio programs, social media networks, workshops, print publications, conferences, written reports, AVTV, videos reports, directory of services, and community projects.
Our organization members and partners are individuals from a variety of cultural, professional, academic, and religious backgrounds, organizations, private and public institutions who are stakeholders in various scholastic and professional disciplines of human and societal developments. Some of our ongoing projects are African Cultural Exchange (ACE) programs for children and adults, panel discussions on health, environment, youth, women issues, economic, workshops and creating a worldwide directory of African programs. Our activities also include infrastructure and structural analysis on health, environment, economic wellbeing, and education improvement in Africa and countries with significant or minor presence of African Diaspora.