Ohta-ku,Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park, Japan

BLUE BIRD “Re-visiting JAPAN”activity

Birds are our messengers as they tell us the importance of Living in Harmony with Nature. As we can feel the nature, we can remind ourselves that we are members of this great earth. Japan plays an important role as a migratory stop for birds that travel all around the world. Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park is involved in many “clean-up” activities in which volunteers can take part in our activities. Since it is located within tidal flat areas, the visitors will be able to see the abundance of biodiversity.
メンバーであることをもう一度想い出そう!Re"member" 日本は、地球を旅する生き物「渡り鳥」にとって大切な中継地です。渡り鳥たちがやって来る東京港野鳥公園で、干潟の生態系の豊かさを感じながら、彼らにとって人気なランディング・スポットになるよう、干潟清掃をしています。