Gottingen, Germany

Biodiversity and Society: Societal dimensions of the conservation and utilisation of biological diversity

The conference aims to provide a scientific contribution to the discussion on the diverse and complex problems associated with biodiversity conservation. The conference will be a platform for exchange between renowned keynote speakers from academia, junior researchers, and representatives from the business and political sectors. Contributions could, for example, consider:
  • Effects of anthropogenic global change on biodiversity
  • Value and valuation of biodiversity
  • Biodiversity as an aspect of environmental law
  • Instruments to tackle resource conflicts
  • Societal approaches to biodiversity conservation
  • Perspectives on biodiversity in different socio-cultural contexts

There will be a guided poster session, and a citable book of abstracts, as well as the opportunity to publish full papers in a book of conference proceedings, is planned. Further information about the conference and about online registration is available at