Helsinki, Finland

Biodiversity education: A Pre-Seminar of the Finnish Educational Research Associations

In this seminar we will discuss the latest development in biodiversity education, using examples from NatureGate. NatureGate R&D Group, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki (Mauri Åhlberg, Eija Lehmuskallio and Jouko Lehmuskallio) will present the latest development and future prospects of this quality awarded free online service. The following international collaborators of NatureGate are expected to present their thoughts and experiences on NatureGate:
  • Dr. Brian Fisher, California Academy of Sciences: NatureGate for Bay Area Ants (USA)
  • Professor Patrick Dillon (University of Exeter): NatureGate for European mammals
  • Prof. Per-Olof Wickman (University of Stockholm): NatureGate for European butterflies