Vancouver, Canada

Paddling for Biodiversity

The Paddling for Biodiversity journey will be undertaken by Ottawa's Académie de la Capitale IB World School senior students (grades 9-11). It will consist of a 3 1/2 day Fraser River voyageur canoe trip, as well as a stay at Lester B. Pearson United World College in a marine environment on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, and will involve a variety of activities directed at the collection, assessment, and analysis of local bio- and cultural diversity. The purpose is to raise awareness of the importance bio and cultural diversity, as well as to assess the areas travelled through in terms of meeting the UN Aichi biodiversity targets. To this end, students will be collecting plant, water and other samples and meeting with local indigeneous peoples, leaders and subject area experts, amongst other things. The entire school will be participating in this journey through social media, and the younger students will be following the themes in their classrooms. The public will be able to follow us on our twitter account and view the presentations of our journey at the school website.