Regional or National Measures

ABS Measures
  • Nature Protection Act
  • Main ABS Elements

    ABS Element
    Official Title of the Measure
    Description Relevant articles and sections
    Competent National Authority
    Nature Protection Act
    Ministry of Environmental Protection Art. 89.4, 91.4
    Republic of Croatia Art. 90.3
    Nature Protection Act
    Genetic material Art. 89.1
    Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedures
    Nature Protection Act
    Non-discriminatory access to genetic material Art. 90.1
    Mutually Agreed Terms (MATs)
    Nature Protection Act
    Possible transfer of rights to the user by contract Art. 90.3
    Research and development results used in an equitable manner Art. 90.2
    Nature Protection Act
    Conditions and methods of extraction Art. 89.3, 89.4
    Gene banks and access Art. 91

    • United Nations
    • United Nations Environment Programme