The European Business and Nature Summit: A Discussion on Biodiversity and Business

The European Business and Nature Summit (EBNS) took place in Madrid, Spain over the span of two days to help strengthen the role that businesses play in supporting nature conservation and its sustainable use. Between 7-8 November, over 300 representatives from businesses and financial institutions, as well as members of governments and civil society, met to discuss biodiversity and natural capital in the hopes of inspiring the business community to take greater action against biodiversity loss.

Among its many purposes, the Summit acts as a forum to review the recent progresses made by these financial institutions and businesses to better account for their impacts on nature. Professionals shared their experiences, methodologies, and initiatives in generating a net positive impact for nature. EBNS also serves as an opportunity to celebrate these actions and commitments  and make a strong link with the New Deal for Nature and People.

Additionally, the conference discussed its continuous contribution to the Sharm El-Sheikh to Kunming Action Agenda for Nature and People, launched in 2018 to support the adoption of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework at the UN Biodiversity Conference in China in 2020. The Action Agenda aims to highlight actions and initiatives to “bend the curve on biodiversity loss” and advance the CBD’s vision of Living in Harmony with Nature by 2050. This serves as a moment to prepare for the new global biodiversity targets to be agreed on in 2020. This international effort to emphasize the role that the business and the financial communities play in meeting ambitious environmental goals is one of many long-term stepping stones towards reducing the ecological footprint and loss of natural resources for a more sustainable future.


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