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Name People, Land Management, and Environmental Change (PLEC)
Description PLEC is a global project on agrodiversity of different ecosystems (semi-arid, mountain, forest, and wetland) in the tropics and sub-tropics. Its purpose is to establish how sustainable and conservationist development can be achieved by participatory methods bringing together farmers' natural resource and biodiversity management approaches and scientists' knowledge in a productive context. Major activities include demonstration sites, biodiversity assessments, participatory rural appraisals, outreach and experimental work, capacity strengthening and training, and networking and dissemination.
Visible Yes
Lead Organization United Nations University (UNU) and UNEP
Programme Areas Agricultural Biodiversity
Project Status Completed
Project Start Date 01/01/1997
Project End Date
Regions Latin America and the Caribbean
Relevance to CBD Project is under implementation since the 1st of March 1998. Implementation of national and sub-national level activities continued as planned: development and refining of demonstration sites, collection and analysis of data on agrodiversity. An external mid-term review took place in April 2000. The findings and recommendations of the review were discussed both at the 3rd PLEC General Meeting in Brazil, May and the 2nd Advisory Group meeting in Italy, November 2000. PLEC's outputs continued to be published both in PLEC News & Views and on the renewed PLEC web site. Major outputs in 2000 include (i) Biodiversity as a product of small holder management, a report by the Amazonia Cluster, (ii) PLEC Agrodiversity Database Manual, and (iii) LAND DEGRADATION - GUIDELINES FOR FIELD ASSESSMENT.
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