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CBO Key-messages

1. Unsustainable urbanization is a critical driver behind global biodiversity loss and ecosystem change.

2. Rich biodiversity can exist in cities.

3. Biodiversity and ecosystem services represent critical natural capital.

4. Urban ecosystems contribute significantly to improved human health.

5. Incorporating biodiversity and ecosystems in urban planning and design helps reduce carbon emissions and enhance adaptation to climate change.

6. Food and nutrition security depend on local and biodiversity-based food systems.

7. Ecosystem functions must be integrated in urban policy and planning.

8. Successful management of biodiversity and ecosystem services includes all levels and all sectors.

9. Cities offer unique opportunities for learning and education about a resilient and sustainable future.

10. Cities have a large potential to generate innovations and governance tools and therefore can—and must—take the lead in sustainable development.

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  • United Nations Environment Programme