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Grants for Human Nutrition in Developing Countries of the Nestlé Foundation
The Nestlé Foundation supports research in human nutrition in low-income and lower middle-income countries. In relation to agriculture, the Foundation will consider research on food policy, food production, and food technology if the intervention has high potential for improved nutritional status and public health. The Foundation offers training grants, pilot grants, and full project grants. Priority is for proposals submitted by researchers in developing countries, or jointly with partners in developed countries. Letters of intent can be submitted at any time.
Opportunity Information
Global - Countries with Economies in Transition
Global - Developing countries
Global - Least Developed Countries
Funding support

Grants (http://www.nestlefoundation.org/e/research.html)
Detailed Opportunity Information

The Nestlé Foundation offers different award and grant categories, some of them using a modular approach, i.e. the Pilot Grant Program represents the starting grant module for a later Full Grant Research application. The eligibility criteria as well as the Research objectives and topics have to be fulfilled independently from the award category (for further details see section "Specific information for applications").
Interested scientists should first submit a “Letter of Intent” in which they describe very briefly the kind of project they would like to undertake, including an estimated budget. Instructions for the letter of intent are available on the Foundation website at "Download application forms and reports". For a submission of a letter of intent only the downloadable form on our website should be used. If the suggested project is compatible with the Foundation's current funding policy, applicants will receive an invitation to submit a full grant proposal. The guidelines and forms for the submission of a full grant proposal are also available on the website. Other formats will not be accepted, neither for the letter of intent nor for the full grant applications.


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