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Prize for Scientific Discovery and Technological Innovation of the African Academy of Sciences
The Olusegun Obasanjo Prize for Scientific Discovery and/or Technological Innovation honors African scientists who have made outstanding contributions in scientific discovery or technological innovation. The bi-annual prize will be awarded in each of the following fields: (1) Biotechnology, (2) Energy, (3) Information and Communication Technologies, or (4) Material Sciences. The prize may be awarded to an individual or jointly to two or more persons who will share the cash award of US$5 thousand. The prize is open to all African scientists and technologists. Candidates have to be nominated but self-nominations will also be accepted. The last date for receipt of nominations is 22 December 2020.
Opportunity Information
Africa - All countries

Detailed Opportunity Information

The AAS seeks to promote and foster the growth of a vibrant African scientific community and to stimulate and nurture the spirit of scientific discovery and technological innovation that would serve socio-economic development in Africa. The Chief Obasanjo Prize will be awarded in each of the fields mentioned above (i.e. Biotechnology, Energy; Information and communication technologies, and Material sciences).
Nominations should me submitted online, through the AAS Ishango Online System. self-nominations are also allowed.

Prize (https://www.aasciences.africa/calls/olusegun-obasanjo-prize-scientific-discovery-andor-technological-innovation-2020)

Linkages to CBD Initiatives
1. Awareness of biodiversity values
2. Integration of biodiversity values
4. Use of natural resources
10. Vulnerable ecosystems
12. Preventing extinctions
13. Agricultural biodiversity
15. Ecosystem resilience
19. Biodiversity knowledge
Scientific and Technical Cooperation
Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-sharing
Biodiversity for Development
Climate Change and Biodiversity
Handling of Biotechnology
Genetic Use Restriction Technologies
Transfer of Technology and Cooperation
Biosafety and Biotechnology
Exchange of Information
South-South Cooperation
New & Emerging Issues
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Ms. Olivia Osula

African Academy of Sciences
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Nairobi, Central
00502, Kenya

: o.osula@aasciences.africa
: +254 20 884620 |
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Pending Approval
African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
P. O. Box 24916
Nairobi, Central
00502, Kenya

: communication@aasciences.org
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