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Bio-Bridge Initiative Provider of Assistance Profile (BBIPRO)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
● Capacity-building tools and resources (including case studies, toolkits and reference materials)
● Data/information (collection, analysis, dissemination, storage, processing – e.g. GIS data/imagery)
● Expertise (on site experts/consultants, virtual help desk, technical advice and institutional development support)
● Funding support
● Joint research or joint ventures for development of technical solutions/technologies relevant to biodiversity
● Networking and collaboration (including knowledge networks, discussion forums, communities of practice, professional association membership)
● Programme/Project development, delivery and M&E Support
● Technical assessment (e.g. technical studies, capacity assessment)
● Training/learning support (workshops, e-learning, webinars, on-job training, mentorship)
● Transfer of technology, specialized knowledge and know-how
GBIF through its network of national and thematic nodes, coordinated by the Secretariat, can act as a pool of expertise and support in the mobilization of species-related data made discoverable and freely accessible through use of common standards and shared under open licence. This includes a dynamic community of practice able and willing to share key skills and best practices around biodiversity data sharing, including the setting up of institutional arrangements at national, thematic and regional level to coordinate data mobilization.
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Tim Hirsch
Deputy Director ,

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
15, København
2100, Denmark

: thirsch@gbif.org
: +45 35 32 14 70 |
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
15, København
2100, Denmark

: info@gbif.org
: +45 35 32 14 70 |