The UN Biodiversity Conference resulted in significant commitments for action on biodiversity. Agreements were reached on actions to integrate biodiversity in forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and tourism sectors and to achieve the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, as well as actions on specific themes including protected areas, ecosystem restoration, marine biodiversity, biodiversity and health, synthetic biology, and traditional knowledge, among others, and on strengthening capacity-development and the mobilization of financial resources. The main outcomes of the Conference include:

In addition, on the margins of the Conference, many pledges and commitments in support of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity were made by Governments, Business; Cities and Subnational Authorities, Indigenous People and Local Communities, and Youth and Civil Society:

For more information on the special events that took place in the margins of COP 13:

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The UN Biodiversity Conference took place in Cancun, Mexico, 2 – 17 December, 2016, attended by over 6,000 participants including some 4,300 delegates from 170 countries and over 400 organizations. Over 300 side-events have taken place on the margins of the UN Biodiversity Conference. For more information on specific side-events, please visit the side-event website.