Tatsiana Lipinskaya (Belarus), Jemilat Ibrahim (Nigeria)

 -Open to all participants to the UN Biodiversity Conference -

The Global Taxonomy Initiative Forum 

"Removing taxonomic impediment for all citizens"

Symposium and round-table discussion on 16 November 2018 

Location: CEPA Fair Building, Sharm El Sheikh International Congress Center, Um Marikha Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Expert Kiosk locates at the left side of  WGII (the Summit) exit, before exhibition area

Organizers:  ASEAN Center for Biodiversity, Consortium of European Taxonomic Facility, Global Biodiversity Information Facilities, International Barcode of Life (BIOSCAN), Nature & Science Foundation of Egypt, World Federation for Culture Collections, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, with financial support of the Japan Biodiversity Fund.


  1. Information for  participants : to be discussed at the Round-table (14:00-17:00)
  2. Comment submission sheet (no later than 16 Nov 2018 5 p.m. in Egypt time)
  3. Information on the CETAF Bratislava Declaration on the CBD 2050 Vision
  4. Joint statement from CETAF and GBIF 


GTI Forum live stream> https://www.cbd.int/webcast/gti-live


Provisional agenda

Symposium  (9:30 -12:30)


      Alexander Shestakov  Director of SSSF, SCBD

Keynote speech:

Removing taxonomic impediment for all citizens

 Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Minister of the Environment and Energy, Cost Rica

BioAlfa - Costa Rica, to become the world's first taxonomically bioliterate country by its citizens (Remote live presentation via Internet)

 Daniel H. Janzen University of Pennsylvania, USA

CETAF Natural History Collections – A Collaborative Project  

 Hendrik Segers Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium

Informatics in support of the post-2020 framework for biodiversity 

 Tim Hirsch Deputy Director, Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Coffee break

A good practice approach to taxonomic capacity building in South East Asia

 Filiberto Pollisco Jr. ASEAN Center for Biodiversity

The GTI-DNA-tech training workshops 2018 - immediate outcomes and sustainable plans developed by the trained trainers

 Jemilat Ibrahim, Mouna Rifi and Tatsiana Lipinskaya The GTI-DNA-tech trainers in Nigeria, Tunisia and Belarus

Taxonomic capacity development in Egypt and North Africa

 Samy Zalat Nature & Science Foundation, Egypt

BIOSCAN: A large scale DNA-based biodiversity analysis in support of post 2020 global biodiversity framework 

 Mehrdad Hajibabaei University of Guelph, Canada

Panel discussion

Lunch break / one-on-one consultation (12:30 - 14:00)

Round-table discussion (14:00- 17:00)

Group 1: Innovative capacity development in taxonomy 

Group 2: Biodiversity, climate change and application of taxonomic knowledge

Group 3: Ecosystem restoration and application of taxonomic knowledge

Group 4: Regulatory framework and application of taxonomic knowledge

Group 5: Citizen science and participatory conservation

Group 6: Sustainable project development in taxonomy




The Expert Kiosk on Taxonomy and Invasive Alien Species

Poster sessions of the GTI- DNA-tech and Partner Organizations : 17- 29 November 2018

Expert desk for technical and scientific consultation: 17 - 24 November 2018 

Expert Kiosk locates at the left side of  WGII (the Summit) exit, before exhibition area

      Photos provided by Tatsiana Lipinskaya (Belarus), Jemilat Ibrahim (Nigeria), Ayşe Yıldız (Turkey), Junko Shimura (SCBD)