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All publications, information materials and events on display will be related to the issues being addressed by COP 15 / CP MOP 10 / NP MOP 4. 

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Youth Perspectives for a Transformative Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

This document presents an overview of the priorities and key proposals of the Global Youth Biodivers

Vita submission to CBD COP-15

VITA Vita's submission to the CBD COP-15. Vita is a new spiritual philosophy that connects humans to

Compendium of case studies and good practices on protected areas and other effective area based conservation measures from the South Asia sub-region

The compendium is a collection of scalable good practices and case studies on protected areas and ot

Business for GBF Project

Japan and Keidanren have been collaborating on summarizing and disseminating Japanese business secto

Towards the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: Retrospective reflection and setting priority actions for the mountains

The webinar provided a platform to discuss the priority actions needed for sustaining the fragile e

Good Practices in Corporate Disclosure Related to Biodiversity and Natural Capital

This booklet introduces good practices of advanced corporate information disclosure on biodiversity,

The Nexus Report: Nature Based Solutions to the Biodiversity and Climate Crisis

Primary Forests, coastal ecosystems, fertile soils, specific ocean areas – all these are home to the

Casebook on Biodiversity Engagements by Private Sector

This casebook introduces representative initiatives of biodiversity engagements by Japanese companie

Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement in Biodiversity (2nd Edition)

These guidelines aim at promoting engagement by business entities in biodiversity-related activities


Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) is an extremely important and special place for biological diversity and h

Marine Conservation and CBD

This quick-read material consisting of several briefings has mapped out key issues and background in

Protect the Ocean: How Much is Enough? Discussions on the Global Ocean Protection Target

This report reviews the historical evolution of the targets for global ocean protection, and referen

Preliminary study on blue economy: the aquaculture sector

This study briefly analyzes the current development and make prospects of innovative technologies in

Conservation Projects by International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF)

IAF is an accredited NGO providing advisory services to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Committe

Biodiversity and financial stability: building the case for action Study Group interim report

This report is the second output of the joint NGFS-INSPIRE Study Group on Biodiversity and Financial

Recommendations On The First Draft Of The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

This documents highlight some key recommendations from TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring networ

Pathway to Kunming and Beyond | A Guide for China’s Banks to Identify and Manage Biodiversity Risks

The guide demonstrates banks’ potential contribution to biodiversity conservation, the importance of