General submissions received by the Secretariat on the drafts of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework are compiled below.


 Uganda(1), (2), (3)20-February-2020
 Australia, Canada, Colombia, Georgia, Mexico, New Zealand, Saint Lucia19-February-2021
 Australia, Canada,  Costa Rica, Georgia, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand 23-February-2021
 Australia, Canada, Mexico Republic of Korea, Trinidad and Tobago 28-May -2021
 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland18-August-2021
 World Health Organization31-January-2020
 Te Atiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust(1) (2)6-February-2020
  Business for Nature (1)(2)10-February-2020
 International Chamber of Commerce10-February-2020
 One Earth10-February-2020
 KBA Partnership  11 -February-2020
 UN-Water (1) (2) and  letter of support14 -February-2020
  BirdLife 14 -February-2020
 WWF (1), (2), (3), (4) 18 -February-2020
 Global Forest Coalition 19 -February-202
 Global Wildlife Conservation 20-February-2020
 Born Free20-February-2020
 Society for Conservation Biology21-February-2020
 Friends of the Earth Europe (1), (2), (3)21-February-2020
 UN Environment Management Group21-February-2020
 Greenovation Hub and Qingdao Marine Conservation Society 22-February-2020
 BirdLife(1), (3)23-February-2020
Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals24-February-2020
 IUCN (1), (2) 24-February-2020
 The Nature Conservancy25-February-2020
 Outreach Network for Gene Drive Research25-February-2020
 Civil Society Alliance for Biodiversity Conservation25-February-2020
 WCS Wildlife Conservation Society, United Nations Development Programme, World Resources Institute, and Rainforest Foundation Norway (1), (2)17-March-2020
 Rights of Mother Earth (1),  (2)28-April-2020
International Coral Reef Initiative (1), (2)28-May-2020
 Population Matters22-June-2020 
 Rights of Mother Earth2-July-2020
 Stand Up For Your Rights.20-July-2020
Coalition for Conservation Genetics22-December-2020
Deakin University11-March-2021
 Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime26-March-2021
Brazilian Network of Plant-Pollinator Interactions17-April-2021
Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council28-June-2021
EPI Foundation 1-July-2021
WWF 19-July-2021
 Wildlife Conservation Society27 July-2021
The Coalition for Conservation Genetics6-August-2021
 Conservation International (1),  (2)6-August-2021
Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)13-August-2021
International Fertilizer Association16-August-2021
 WWF (1), (2), (3),  (4)16-August-2021
 Born Free18-August-2021
 BirdLife International Partnership (1),( 2 ),  (3) 18-August-2021
 World Federation for Animals20-August-2021
 Wild Heritage, Griffith University and the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society23-August-2021
 Earth Law Center, Rights of Nature Sweden, Earth Advocacy Youth, and Rights of Mother Earth14-September-2021